Fires: insurers mobilized to help disaster victims

After the fires which ravaged the Var and the surroundings of Beaumes-de-Venise, insurers are mobilized to come to the aid of the victims. “We have been in contact with the Var prefecture for a few days,” explains Franck Le Vallois, general manager of the French Insurance Federation.

“It is a question of ensuring a perfect coordination between the insurers and the services of the State as well as the local communities”, he explains, while specifying that it is still a little early to have a global vision. damage and therefore the cost of claims for insurers. As long as the fires continue to progress, it is difficult to send experts there.

However, compensation for disaster victims should not pose a problem for insurance professionals. All multi-risk contracts intended for housing, professionals or businesses include a fire guarantee. And, in France, almost all individuals and professionals are covered by insurance of this type.

Keep damaged items

For homes, it also compensates for damage caused by smoke and relief, as well as relocation costs, says the French Insurance Federation. For agricultural areas, insurance covers buildings as well as crops, animals and stocks. Regarding the concern of wine growers about the retardants used to fight against fire, which could damage their vines, the FFA invites them to contact their insurer.

Whatever the insured’s situation, the claim must be declared as soon as possible, within a standard period of 5 days. No need to wait for a natural disaster decree because forest fires are not part of the risks covered by this plan.

To be compensated, it is important to be able to justify the damage suffered. It is therefore essential to keep the objects that have been damaged and to collect everything that can identify and assess these goods (invoices, photos, etc.). An expert will then be sent by the insurance company to ascertain the damage and estimate the amount of the damage.

For vehicles, the third party guarantee insufficient

For companies, those who have also taken out insurance against operating losses will be able to see their drop in activity compensated for, according to Franck Le Vallois. This guarantee allows the company in particular to continue to face its fixed costs including rent, compensation of employees, taxes or loan interest.

Only vehicle owners (including caravans) who are not fully insured could have unpleasant surprises. A simple third party guarantee does not protect against the risk of fire. A situation which would concern a third of the automobile policyholders.

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