Finistère: a company invents an efficient air purifier against the coronavirus

It is a timely innovation to fight against the spread of the coronavirus. A company in Ploudalmézeau, in Finistère, has created an air purifier that appears to be effective against the virus responsible for Covid-19. The machine, which looks like a big metal cabinet, collects the air from the bottom and pushes it up through several filters.The first one retains large particles, and two others retain smaller particles than those of Sars-CoV2.

But the special feature of this air purifier is that it uses UV lamps to kill viruses and bacteria. “On the one hand we intercept the particles, on the other hand we eliminate the DNA of the virus to prevent it from reproducing”, explains Gaël Le Noret, project manager. The price ranges from 7,000 to 12,000 euros, and development only started a few months ago. And even if production has not yet started, 70 customers have already signed up, including cinemas and concert halls.

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