Find relatives for psychotic F0

Ho Chi Minh CityA man in his 40s, mentally ill, recovered from Covid-19 at the No. 4 Field Hospital, was searched by doctors for relatives.

The Department of Social Work, City Children’s Hospital, the medical unit at Field Hospital No. 4, Binh Chanh District, on September 6, said the man was brought here to be isolated and treated. more than two weeks ago.

The patient had no identification papers and wandered around in Binh Chanh district. Basic information such as names, relatives, home addresses… he doesn’t remember. Self-care and self-protection of patients cannot be done by themselves. Therefore, despite having Covid-19, the patient still moved around, not complying with 5K.

On the first day of being taken to the field hospital 4, the man screamed, panicked, did not cooperate with treatment, making it difficult for the care team every time he gave medicine and oxygen support. Sometimes doctors have to fix the patient to the bed in order to proceed with treatment. Medical staff also proactively arranged isolation rooms for patients on the ground floor and carefully fenced, in case of unforeseen situations.

Currently, the patient is stable, Covid-19 symptoms have receded. Patients are more cooperative in treatment, happy, and often thanked when given rice and water. However, the man has yet to provide information about his family or himself.

On the morning of September 6, the patient was discharged, the field hospital No. 4 brought him back and handed him over to the Binh Chanh District Medical Center to continue managing and monitoring his health. Doctors at the No. 4 Field Hospital and Binh Chanh Medical Center are trying to connect, hoping to soon find relatives for the patient, help him receive comprehensive care, and reintegrate into society soon.

The patient (on the left) after discharge from the hospital will continue to be cared for and monitored at the Binh Chanh District Medical Center. Photo: Hospital provides

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