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HanoiAt nearly 11 pm, 73-year-old Xuan (in Hoan Kiem district) had difficulty breathing, was comatose, SpO2 decreased to 85%, relatives rushed to call the doctor and contact the oxygen supplier.

Before that, when his mother began to show signs of worsening and could not call the ward’s medical staff, Mr. Nam (her son) went online to contact the oxygen support centers at home. At that time, Nam’s whole family understood that F0 was increasing, many people were sick, it was midnight, so it was difficult for medical personnel to immediately reach the family. While waiting for support, he put his mother on her stomach, patted her back, and practiced deep breathing.

At the same time, Ms. Lan (Mr. Nam’s wife) called Doctor Nguyen Huy Hoang (Vietnam – Russia Hyperbaric Oxygen Center, Ministry of National Defense), who was consulting and providing online support for F0 treatment at home to ask for guidance. . She said her mother had many underlying diseases, the third stroke, hemiplegia… the doctors advised to take her to the hospital. She and her husband pondered, “It’s good to be treated at the hospital”, but “the mother is paralyzed, so it’s difficult to take care of her like at home”. In addition, the family has a maid named F0 who has recovered from the disease and has lived with her since before, so the family decided to let her mother stay at home for treatment. Before that, Ms. Xuan was given antiretroviral drugs by the medical side for severe F0 with underlying disease.

About 40 minutes later, Mr. Huy (the person at the hyperbaric oxygen center) brought an oxygen tank and a breathing mask. He installs the bottle and gives it to the patient to breathe, then teaches the family how to use it. Fortunately, she responded well, no difficulty breathing, gradually became more awake, SpO2 gradually increased to 87, 89, 92%, can continue to monitor her health at home.

Since then, every day, the family closely monitors the mother’s health, supplementing nutrition and medication as prescribed. Lan also regularly calls the doctors for further advice. After 6 days of treatment, SpO2 gradually increased, the patient could eat, sleep, be mentally alert and live normally. “Thanks to timely oxygen, my mother survived the critical situation,” Lan said. She put the information on the place of oxygen supply online because she saw many people searching, “especially families with F0 in the risk group who want to be treated at home, the more proactive they need to be”.

Mr. Son, from Dong Da, also went to Mr. Huy’s house to receive an oxygen tank. Son’s wife was pregnant, had trouble breathing in the middle of the night but could not contact the medical staff, so he was forced to find an oxygen tank for his wife to breathe at home.

Last week, the number of new infections in the capital continued to increase rapidly and is expected to continue to increase despite the city’s implementation of many control measures. Statistics from the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment, as of January 4, Hanoi is treating more than 22,000 F0 patients at home, nearly 5,000 cases being treated at hospitals.

In that context, on January 5, Hanoi started an ATM oxygen station and coordinated oxygen to support F0 treatment at home. 1,000 oxygen cylinders of 8 liters capacity, 200 bottles of 40 liters, 800 gauges, 30 oxygen machines of 7 liters type, 20 oxygen machines of 10 liter type, 500 oxygen dividers are distributed to districts and mobile medical stations. commune, ward… to support F0.

Linh Nam ward (Hoang Mai district) became the first unit in Hanoi to implement the project “ATM Oxy”. This ward has about 180 F0 being treated at home, the medical force is quite thin to ensure their care. F0, when assigned to use oxygen cylinders, will be transported by young volunteers and volunteers from medical stations to homes and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Mr. Huy and three volunteers at the hyperbaric oxygen center continued to bring oxygen tanks to the F0 in need, an average of 4-5 cases per day. In the past, he used to give oxygen cylinders to terminal cancer patients, wanting to prolong it to wait to see his relatives. When the epidemic in Hanoi broke out, many acquaintances called him for support. In addition to direct instruction, he provides additional instructions online or by phone to help the family take better care of F0. Most F0 have difficulty breathing in the middle of the night, can’t call for medical care or in an emergency, need an oxygen tank immediately to “pass through the door of death”.

The patient’s Spo2 increased from 85 to over 90% after almost a week of treatment. Photo: Characters provided

Dr. Dr. Hoang Thanh Tuan (Le Huu Trac National Institute of Burns), said F0 actively sourcing medical oxygen is necessary, especially when the family has an elderly F0, due to force majeure, they need to be treated at home, in case it’s difficult to breathe in the middle of the night, the emergency does not come in time,… like how Ho Chi Minh City used to do before.

With F0 young, healthy, injected with enough shots, the doctor recommends not storing oxygen at home. The reason is that if you want to use an oxygen tank, you need professional guidance, on the other hand, indiscriminate storage can cause fire and explosion, dangerous to life. Not to mention, self-administering oxygen when it is not needed or breathing inappropriately high doses of oxygen can make the condition worse, even death.

Doctors advise to get well quickly, F0 should rest, do light physical exercise (suitable for health conditions), practice breathing for at least 15 minutes a day, drink water regularly, do not wait until thirsty to drink water. , do not skipping meals. Increase nutrition such as eating full quality, eating fruit, drinking fruit juice… and thinking positively, maintaining a comfortable mentality.

From August 2021, Hanoi has developed a plan to prepare medical oxygen for the scenario of 40,000 cases. On December 27, the Hanoi Department of Health also issued a document directing domestic and non-public medical examination and treatment facilities to implement solutions to reduce the risk of death due to Covid-19, in which, facilities that , review the infrastructure, oxygen system (tanks, tanks, bottles, auxiliary equipment) to ensure the storage and supply of medical oxygen for patients from the primary level to the hospitals according to stratification treatment.

Dr. Nguyen Van Thuong, Director of Duc Giang General Hospital, said that this facility has a central oxygen system of 20 m3 of liquid oxygen, equivalent to 17,000 m3 of gas, ensuring oxygen supply for 500 patients at a time. the point. “Currently, the hospital can handle 250-300 mechanical ventilation and 200 oxygen patients,” the doctor said.

The Hospital for the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients has 500 beds and currently has two oxygen tanks with a capacity of 18 m3 and 15 m3. The facility has access points available, at each end of the bed there are split ends in case of overload so that each person can share the oxygen tank. On the other hand, the hospital has another option to bring portable oxygen tanks to the place and plug them into the waiting head.

According to a report by the Hanoi Department of Health during a recent meeting with the Department of Medical Equipment and Medical Works – the Ministry of Health, 5 units are supplying oxygen and compressed air to Hanoi’s hospitals. The Department of Health works with medical oxygen and compressed air production and supply units and has requested 32 hospitals assigned and stratified for treatment to work and sign commitments with medical oxygen supply enterprises. Economically, compressed air ensures supply throughout the treatment. From the beginning of September 2021, all units have confirmed that they will ensure adequate hospital beds with oxygen throats.

On December 16, the Ministry of Health also requested 24 medical oxygen production companies to focus on supplying raw materials to save and treat patients, so as not to let medical oxygen shortage happen across the country, especially in areas where medical oxygen is needed. hot zone.

In fact, many people are looking to buy backup oxygen tanks in their homes, leading to increased demand.

A medical worker in Linh Nam and Hoang Mai wards brought an oxygen tank to F0 who was being treated at home.  Photo: Tung Giang

A medical worker in Linh Nam and Hoang Mai wards brought an oxygen tank to F0 who was being treated at home. Photo: Tung Giang

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Instructions for using medical oxygen cylinders at home

Instructions for using medical oxygen cylinders at home. Video: Viet Chung


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