Find effective solutions to protect copyright in the digital environment

The focus content attended by delegates in the seminar “Current status and solutions to protect digital content copyrights in the field of radio, television and electronic information” is a specific and effective solution to combat piracy.

Increasing piracy in a sophisticated, ever-changing manner

On November 25, the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information (PTTH & TTDT) hosted a seminar “Current status and solutions to protect digital content copyrights in the field of radio, television and information. electronic”.

According to Director of the Department of Information and Communications, Luu Dinh Phuc, with the popularity of the Internet and the development of technology, more and more people are using online content. Whether from mobile phones, tablets or smart TVs, digital consumption is increasing and becoming the default choice for users to access movies, TV, music, books, software, game.

“However, with this increase, viewers can choose from a variety of platforms that stream illegal pirated content. In addition, the possession and use of multiple mobile devices along with high-speed broadband and low-cost storage have helped drive the trend of digital piracy, ”said Phuc.

Find effective solutions to protect copyright in the digital environment

The representative of the Department of Information and Communications also said that recently, the Department has received many requests to handle content piracy, most of which are entertainment contents such as football, movies, game shows, music … .

In the process of doing, the Department found that piracy is carried out in very sophisticated, ever-changing ways, and difficult to handle violations committed across borders, from abroad. providing services to Vietnam.

Representative of Department of Information and Communications stated clearly: “Although there have been many efforts of regulators, intermediary service providers, organizations, rights owner representatives, and rights holders in coordination, however, Increased piracy requires a more viable practical solution ”.

From the reality of her unit, Ms. Pham Thanh Thuy, in charge of the anti-piracy division of K +, said that K + is producing 4 channels focusing on sports and drama production, in which the content is about The Premier League is most pirated.

Find effective solutions to protect copyright in the digital environment
Statistics of piracy have been handled by K + in coordination with the units.

Forms of piracy with K + content, according to Ms. Thuy, appear in electronic newspapers, on social networks, application stores and websites, e-commerce floors.

In particular, newspapers and websites often use short clips to highlight in news or live football matches. On social networks YouTube and Facebook, the upload and livestream of infringing content are also numerous.

“Broadcasters are victims of websites and e-commerce floors. As for K +, we have discovered 60 websites that live football matches, using foreign waves, international domain names; 200 websites violating film copyright and thousands of links to sell pirated accounts and pirated equipment on the e-commerce floor ”, Ms. Thuy said.

Similar to K +, a representative of VTVCab said that this business is also facing piracy which is quite common in the digital environment, mainly with movies, hot shows, and football. In which, VTVCab was violated the most on sports channels and football contents.

Representatives of Vinh Long Radio and Television Station shared, owning 4 TV channels with YouTube channel with more than 10 million sub and billions of views, this local station over the years has also become a good prey for micro objects. Copyright infringement: “We have a headache about piracy. There are many violations, variations with many forms: re-up, distortion, frames, live signals … The radio has suffered heavy economic losses, affecting the ratings much “.

Need to apply many measures synchronously

At the seminar, in addition to reflecting the methods and tricks of piracy, sharing experience to handle, a key content discussed by solutions is solutions to prevent effective results of piracy in the digital environment.

Find effective solutions to protect copyright in the digital environment
According to K + representative, blocking access is the most effective solution to protect digital content copyright.

After a number of years of applying various measures, the representative of the anti-piracy department of K + proposed 2 solutions, first of all, continuing to find the most suitable methods to bring the best effect to blocking access to pirated websites; and impact on users.

“The user is an important factor to feed the offending websites, thus impacting on the user will bring about good results. Currently, some countries in the world are identifying Internet users, then they will send warnings, even fines too much for participants to access pirated websites “, K + representative explained.

Representative of VTVCab petitioned the Department of Information and Communications to promote the establishment of a coalition of stations, copyrighted units to protect copyrights, building a coordination mechanism with state agencies to help the units have “a stick. “To protect content, protect copyright.

“We also recommend” quitting “pirated websites; amending and supplementing legal provisions, going to court, handling serious copyright infringement cases. At the same time, the units also need to disclose copyright information; promote communication to raise awareness “, the representative of VTVCab proposed.

From an ISP’s perspective, FPT Telecom’s representative also supported the desire to have an alliance and organization to join hands to protect copyrights and anti-piracy.

A Center for Copyright Protection of Electronic Information and Communications will be established

Talking at the seminar, Director of Department of Information and Communications Luu Dinh Phuc said that perhaps the most effective way to deal with digital piracy, restricting illegal consumers is customer experience and price, next to the content library.

According to Mr. Phuc, providing users with a simple interface, easy to use, no lag and good video quality can prevent viewers from stepping away from platforms and duplicating copyrighted content. poor quality. If companies provide services at attractive prices, consumers may be less forced by piracy routes.

Emphasizing media education and awareness raising are still the core solutions, Mr. Phuc also noted the application of technical measures, technology as well as regulations on blocking and removing illegal links. “Livestream violation is the trend of most concern. Therefore, speed is important. Removing content from the Internet as quickly as possible is the best way to prevent breaches and direct consumers to legitimate alternatives, ”Phuc said.

As for the cooperation issue, Mr. Phuc said that although companies at all levels of the broadcasting chain are competing, the damage caused by content piracy is too great, so it is necessary to work together. sets in cooperation.

These need to happen at all levels of the industry and at every step of the process, from content production and security on-premises to delivery. The more companies and organizations involved, the more effective the total solution is.

“The Center for Copyright Protection of PTTH & E-commerce under the Department of Information and Communications will be born in the near future. We look forward to the cooperation of ISPs, associations, businesses, rights owner representatives and rights owners.said the head of the Department of Information and Communications.


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Network operators block a series of pirated websites, with online gambling ads

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