Film shoots, when the virtual becomes revolutionary

Many directors use studios, which, thanks to LED technology, make it possible to obtain an image as perfect as if the scene were shot outdoors and in natural light.

In The Mandalorian, series derived from Star wars, half of the shots are filmed against a twilight background. Normally, this is impossible: this special light lasts seven minutes a day. To master the sun, producer and director Jon Favreau uses the latest addition to George Lucas’ studios in Los Angeles. Imagine a 270 degree curved room lined with LED screens. The actors are filmed surrounded by real objects and on a floor in continuity with the set projected in the background. “It’s so immersive that we forget that we are in a studio and not on a Star Wars planet”, enthuses the director of special effects, Hal Hickel, in a video that details this revolutionary shoot (1).

It’s so immersive that we forget that we are in a studio and not on a Star Wars planet

Hal Hickel, director of special effects on the set of “The Mandalorian”

Thanks to powerful algorithms and the movements of the lens, the scenery evolves in real time in depth and perspective. There is no longer any need to rework the light and reflections in postproduction as is the case with green backgrounds. The image is also

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