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Fighter jet will now read the pilot’s mind, will give relief from stress

The Tempest Jets: During the Second World War, Spitfire pilots called their fighter planes their very best. He said that these planes of his used to listen to him, were very accountable to him. He felt as if it was a part of his own body. Even though the pilots of that time have said this out of emotion, but now in reality they will share a very close relationship with the inanimate fighter jet pilots. The British fighter planes of 2030 will have so much capability that they will read the pilot’s mind and take action for it. The Tempest Jet is being prepared based on AI technology that changes the picture of the battlefield.

What is the tempest jet

Five groups are preparing The Tempest Jet together. These include UK’s BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, European Missiles Group, MBDA and Italy’s Leonardo. These aircraft of the next generation of British fighter planes are being manufactured with 3D (3D) printing and digital technology. Its special feature is the video game kit which will be used to train pilots in the cockpit itself. The UK’s BAE Systems is working hard to develop it and it will be in service in Lancashire later this decade. It is expected that the pilots of The Tempest Jet 2030 will have a close bond with their fighter planes. So close that it will even read their mind.

AI technology is amazing

One of the highlights of The Tempest Jet will be the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool. This will be to help the human pilot. Especially when they are under a lot of stress during the fight. Sensors in the pilot’s helmet will monitor brain signals and other medical data. With this, the AI ​​will collect a huge biometric and psychometric information database of the pilot in continuous flights. In a way, it will be a library-like database of the unique features of the pilots. This will help the pilot when he needs help by coming forward and sending sensor signals after sensing his mental state during his boarding the plane. For example, if the pilot loses consciousness due to high gravitational force, then Vact AI technology will take care of the situation.

Will fly in Wartan

At the Farnborough Air Show, BAE Systems said it would fly a demonstrator jet from its Warton plant in Lancashire by 2027. In this, some technologies of The Tempest Jet will be tested. This aircraft will act as a test-bed to measure different digital capabilities. During this, 60 different types of projects will be showcased, some of which will be completely software based. When it is fully sky-ready, the Tempest will be flown regularly by non-pilot fighter drones. Such advanced technology would require completely new systems for monitoring and control. “We have to deal with the pace of change in technology,” says John Stocker, Tempest’s director of business development. He says that in the past, defense spending was often increased, while commercial technology was included in it later. Whereas now the technology is often more advanced. Director Stocker envisages building a new fighter with systems that upgrade as easy as downloading an app on a smartphone.

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