FIFA World Cup in Qatar: Lille will not broadcast any matches on the big screen

Lille will not be able to follow the FIFA World Cup on the big screen, which will start in Qatar in November. The Municipal Council of the city of Pas-de-Calais has indeed adopted a “disapproving statement” the holding of the competition in Qatar, a “Nonsense with regard to human rights, the environment and sport”announced the socialist mayor Martine Aubry this Saturday, October 1.

“We will not broadcast any match on a giant screen”the mayor said in a tweet, noting that the declaration had been adopted ” unanimously “ overnight from Friday to Saturday by the city council, where the PS majority faces opposition from environmentalist and macronist groups.

The sequel after the ad

The city won’t stand either “in the colors of an event that we refuse to support”said the deputy mayor, Arnaud Deslandes.

Strasbourg is already boycotting

The environmentalist mayor of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian, had already indicated that no broadcast of the meetings was planned in the city. “Thousands of foreign workers have died on the construction sites, it’s unbearable”she detailed to 20 Minutes, adding that “the organization of the world football championships in a desert is […] an aberration, an ecological disaster”.

A plane will transport supporters every 10 minutes between Qatar and its neighboring countries during the World Cup

More than a million spectators are expected in the emirate over the 29 days of the World Cup organized by FIFA, including 350,000 at the same time on the weekend of November 26-27, according to estimates. The event is surrounded by controversies, between environmental footprint, place of women and LGBT + minorities, rights of workers responsible for building infrastructure.

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