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Fierce fighting in Mariupol, Ukraine, Russian bombing survivors are starving to death

On 24 February last month, Russia attacked Ukraine. Today is the 25th day of the Russo-Ukraine War. Fighting continues in many cities of Ukraine. Russia has surrounded the Ukrainian city of Mariupol from all sides and there is continuous fighting.

Ukraine’s news agency The Kyiv Independent has claimed that the head of the Donetsk military-civilian administration, Pavlo Kirilenko, said that thousands of Mariupol residents who managed to escape Russian attacks were starving in occupied Manhushi and Melekin. Russian forces have refused to provide them with food, water and safe passage.

Police officer pleaded for help from America and France

A police officer has called for help from the US and France and urged Ukraine to provide its modern air defense system, while narrating the devastation caused by the Russian attack in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol.

appeal to save citizens

In a video post, police officer Michel Versunin of the wrecked city told US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron that they had assured help, but what they have received is not help. In the video, an appeal has been made to both the world leaders to save the lives of the citizens there.

In a video released by the Associated Press news agency, police officer Vershnein is saying that Mariupol is currently facing the same misfortune as the Syrian city of Aleppo. Which was destroyed in a Russian-backed siege during the Syrian civil war in 2016.

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