Ferrari and jet-ski: Karim Benzema stages his bling-bling vacation in Miami and outrages environmentalists

Golden Rolex, big Ferrari and dynamic editing… It’s not the “GTA Vice City” video game but Karim Benzema’s last vacation. In a video posted on his Twitter account on Sunday July 3, the Real Madrid striker stages his vacation in Miami in a worked 48-second clip. In the background, the last title of the American rapper Drake resounds. With this video, Karim Benzema brings up to date the bling-bling holidays on the American East Coast, with little concern for the environment.

Bling-bling holidays, green-bashing holidays

Under the publication two camps are emerging: admirers of the athlete who are enthusiastic and Internet users shocked by the promotion of polluting activities. Among them, elected officials are offended by the carbon footprint of these holidays. “The rich are destroying the planet”, denounces David Cormand, MEP for Europe Ecology the Greens (EELV), by sharing the video. Lawyer Sebastien Mabile wonders: “Who will be able to estimate the CO2 emissions weight of this clip ? “.

The sequel after the ad

“This clip is a best-of of what should no longer be done”, summarizes Thomas Wagner, founder of the ecological media Bon Pote, with Franceinfo. “The simple round trip between Miami and Madrid [où vit Karim Benzema] in a private jet, it is much more than what a person should emit per year to limit global warming. »

Lucas Chancel: “The lifestyles of the richest lead us into the wall”

This publication alerts environmental activists all the more that the footballer, who has 56 million subscribers on Instagram and 16.5 million subscribers on Twitter, risks influencing the behavior of his followers. A controversy that Karim Benzema does not seem to have taken into account: he announced this Tuesday, July 5, still on Twitter, a new travel to Dubai on a private jet.

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