Feeding twins weighing 800 g

Nghe AnTwo girls born at the age of 26 weeks of pregnancy, each weighing 800 g, are taken care of by the doctor of Nghe An Children’s Hospital after 100 days of care.

On February 4, little Ho Thi Khuyen was discharged from the hospital, weighing 2.6 kg. Two weeks earlier, the twin child with Khuyen, Ho Thi Uyen, was discharged with a weight of 2 kg.

The twins are the children of a 25-year-old woman living in Dien Chau district (Nghe An). Pregnant for the second time, the woman was discovered by the doctor to open the uterus, intervened early to keep the pregnancy. On October 27, 2020, pregnant women often give birth at Nghe An Obstetrics Hospital, when the pregnancy is 26 weeks old.

At birth, both babies were in a state of respiratory failure, circulatory failure, and very weak neonatal reflexes. The doctor placed an emergency endotracheal tube, transferred to an intensive care unit in the Neonatal Resuscitation Department shortly thereafter. Days later, the two babies are always in a state of death threat, with membrane syndrome in stage III (endothelial syndrome in premature babies occurs due to immature lungs, obstructing breathing).

Khuyen and Uyen are being cared for at the hospital Image: Canary

According to Dr. Nguyen Thi Tam, Neonatal Resuscitation Department, Nghe An Pediatrics Hospital, extremely premature babies like the above cases need meticulous care and treatment regimes.

“Taking care of a premature baby is very difficult, requires controlling body temperature, noise and light, closely monitoring brain hemorrhage, chronic lung disease, infection”, said Dr. Tam.

With these two babies, during treatment, both premature retinopathy. Doctors combine intraocular specialist in treating the disease. After 100 days of care, two babies have good self-breathing rhythm, good reflexes, mother transplant and discharge, according to Dr. Tam.

Hai Binh