Fear comes from the ‘moving’ photos of the past.

The trend of Deep Nostalgia has caused a stir in the online community in recent years, which has caused many people to worry that the number of fake videos will increase.

In February, genealogical website MyHeritage launched Deep Nostalgia service to help users “blow soul” into portrait photos of deceased family.

Specifically, this feature uses AI licensed from D-ID to create motion effects for a still image. Deep Nostalgia is used by many people to bring pictures of old loved ones or characters back to life in an instant. This trend was quickly accepted by young people because of its originality and entertainment.

A photo using Deep Nostalgia. Photo: MyHeritage.

Basically, Deep Nostalgia is the application of deepfake technology which has been very famous since 2018.

In the past, deepfake has been abused for creating porn videos that fake celebrities. More seriously, it can also be used for malicious purposes to lower the honor of others. This has caused many people to see deepfake as a “ghost” of the Internet.

Currently, MyHeritage’s Deep Nostalgia is one of the few fake image creation services that can be easily accessed by users. As a result, the fact that deepfake videos gradually become popular again makes many people worry that fake events or news will appear more and more.

In September 2019, the increased risk of video manipulation and providing fake news forced Facebook and Microsoft to work together to combat deepfake videos. In December 2019, China even issued a ban on publishing and distributing fake news using AI.

Talking about Deep Nostalgia with many people compared to you 2

Deep Nostalgia was created with a humanistic purpose. But MyHeritage is concerned that their service will deviate, especially with the current widespread appearance of deepfake videos. Photo: The Guardian.

MyHeritage’s original purpose was for users to experience the nostalgia and love of bringing their beloved ancestors back to life. However, they are also aware of the videos deepfake can be created with malicious intent and have serious consequences.

Follow The Quint, Many people recognize this feature as miraculous. They can watch Rembrandt, Rosalind Franklin or their grandparents display different expressions. However, others think this is a bit scary.

While optimized to focus on portraits, Deep Nostalgia’s deepfake video creation capabilities are still vast. As a result, MyHeritage did not add a voice creation feature to avoid its service being abused from affecting others.

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