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Father-daughter relationship, they testify: “He was both a model and a counter-model”

“My father was a model and a counter-model”

Beatrice, 66 years old

“My father is 95 years old. He is part of a generation where men had to work and women stayed at home. When he was 20, he told me that a father’s job was to walk his daughter down the aisle. And me, I waited 64 years to get married! I was a rebellious and feminist teenager, so her ideas revolted me.

Our relationship has long been contentious. I felt that the feminine didn’t have much value in her eyes. He wasn’t interested in my studies and mostly expected me to marry someone with a good job. Of course, I didn’t listen to him. I was a journalist, and even a war reporter. I think I wanted to show him that I was not a girl like the others so that he would be proud of me. Because deep down, I admired him. He was a bright, upright man. I even met his expectations since I married a normalien, university professor.

My father was both a model and a counter-model since my husband does not have the same character. The latter is in restraint, while my father likes to shine in society. Over time, our relationship changed. Today, I take care of him a lot and I find him very open, very resilient. He has had a new girlfriend for two years and, despite his great age, even goes on vacation with her. He decided that his end of life was a gift and I find that very inspiring. »

“I am much more tolerant with my daughter”

Marco, 43 years old

“I am the father of a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl and I admit that I am much more tolerant with her. My daughter’s attitude is also different. She is in the seduction with me, while she is a bit difficult with her mother. I am more cuddly with her but I played more with my son at the same age. It’s probably because with two children, I have less time. But also because she prefers stories, dance, music.

As a recently trained psychologist, I know well that between a father and his daughter, there needs to be a little restraint. It’s important that she feels attractive towards men and I’m here for that, but you have to set limits. When she was younger, I kept telling her how beautiful she was. One day she replied: “Oh, beautiful!” and I realized that you shouldn’t just highlight your femininity. »

“We talk about everything, there is no taboo subject”

Margaux, 23 years old

“Today, I have a very peaceful relationship with my father. A simple relationship, in fact. We are quite close, even if it’s not a fusional relationship like with my mother. In adolescence, it was more complicated. I was always in confrontation with him. As we are very similar, I wanted to see what I was capable of on my own. As she grew up, the relationship evolved. I moved forward in life and he set up on his own, as project manager, which allowed him to be at home more often.

My father didn’t see me growing up because he worked a lot. He left at 5 a.m. and returned around 9 p.m. Today, we talk a lot. I call him every week to tell him about my days. We talk about everything, there is no taboo subject. There, we have even just spent three days together in Italy. It was the first time we had traveled just the two of us together. »


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