Fatal shot on set: Alec Baldwin accused by the father of the deceased director of photography

The American actor should be held “Partly responsible” of the death of Halyna Hutchin, estimates Anatoly Androsovych, the father of the victim, worried for his 9-year-old grandson who, he says, is gradually coming back to life.

Two months after the drama that claimed the life of filmmaker Halyna Hutchin, on the set of a western in New Mexico, the victim’s father accuses. Reacting to statements by American actor and producer Alec Baldwin that he did not consider himself guilty or responsible for the accident, Anatoly Androsovych stepped up to express his outrage. “It’s clear to me that Baldwin fired the shot from his hand. So I don’t understand why he can’t be held partly responsible for my daughter’s death ”, said the father of Halyna Hutchin for the British tabloid The Sun .

After initially refusing to condemn Alec Baldwin, Anatoly Androsovych told the daily newspaper of his growing incomprehension vis-à-vis the behavior and statements of the actor, who said in particular, in early December in an interview with the American channel ABC, never to have pulled the trigger of the revolver. Armed with live ammunition, he nevertheless caused the death of the 42-year-old director of photography while being manipulated by the actor. “ “I was told that I was given an empty revolver”, defended himself since Alec Baldwin. A story that does not hold water for Anatoly Androsovych. “Why did he shoot during rehearsals ?, wonders the former Ukrainian submarine captain. The revolver is the type of weapon which does not fire before having pressed the trigger “.

Concern around the victim’s son

Another point remained in the throat of the father of Halyna Hutchin: the deletion two weeks ago of Alec Baldwin’s Twitter account. “I can’t understand his behavior. Why did he delete his tweets when it turned out that the incident had taken place during a rehearsal? ”, the father of the victim still wonders.

Finally, the state of shock of his 9-year-old grandson, Andros is also a matter of concern for his family, the boy having walled himself in silence for two days after the tragedy which claimed the life of his mother. . “Andros is slowly coming back to life, but it’s a blow to all of us”, said Anatoly Androsovych, specifying that the child “Will never get over it”.

Among the latest developments in the investigation, the American justice system asked to seize, on December 16, Alec Baldwin’s cell phone. According to the warrant issued by the US police, evidence relating to the case could be there, such as messages and emails. No arrests have taken place to date in this case, but criminal prosecution is not excluded in the event that responsibilities are established, the Santa Fe prosecutor’s services had underlined shortly after the tragedy.


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