Fatal shooting of Alec Baldwin: the doctor dispatched to the shooting files a complaint for negligence

Cherlyn Schaefer says she has suffered from post-traumatic stress since the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. She does not attack the comedian but four members of the film crew, all responsible for handling firearms.

Worthy of a police soap opera, the Alec Baldwin affair is experiencing a new twist. Cherlyn Schaefer, the doctor dispatched to Santa Fe on the set of the western Rustfiled a complaint against several members of the film crew, as reported variety . Following the accidental shooting caused by the actor on October 21, 2021, causing the death of Halyna Hutchins, director of photography, she explains that she suffered “tremendous shock, trauma and severe emotional distress”making it “medically unable to return to work”. Cherlyn Schaefer had taken care of the victim, hit in the abdomen by a bullet fired at point-blank range, by supplying him with oxygen while exerting direct pressure on the wound, until help arrived. Halyna Hutchins died in the helicopter bound for Albuquerque Hospital.

Fourth complaint filed by a member of the film crew

The complaint does not target Alec Baldwin but four members of the film crew, all responsible for handling firearms. The doctor reports“negligencefrom first assistant director Dave Halls, ammo supplier Seth Kenney, prop Sarah Zachry and gunsmith Hannah Reed Gutierrez. The latter also filed a civil complaint in January. She criticizes Seth Kenney for providing the production with “ammunition wrongly presented as dummy”that is to say inert and devoid of powder, whereas it was both “dummy and real ammunition”.

In total, four members of the film crew filed a complaint. To the accusations of the doctor and the gunsmith are added those of Serge Svetnoy, chief lighting designer and the script writer Mamie Mitchell. “Negligence”, “dangerous behavior”, “intentional infliction of emotional distress” and “deliberate infliction of harm” are blamed on Alec Baldwin. For now, the actor claims to be neither guilty nor responsible.

haunted by “the worst drama of his life”, Alec Baldwin tries to return to a normal life, at least professionally speaking. The man may be “broken” but not the actor. The filming of Rust cancelled, the actor is now tackling the register of the thriller by joining the cast of 97 minutes. Directed by Finn Timo Vuorensola, the film focuses on the hijacking of a plane that has only 97 minutes of flight time left before crashing. Currently in England for the first days of filming, Alec Baldwin expressed this “strange” return to work from his Instagram account. “I haven’t worked since October 21 of last year when this horrible thing happened on the set of [Rust]“. The role of Alec Baldwin in this drama – fictional this time – remains unknown.


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