Fashion: luxury giant LVMH offers the legendary German sandal Birkenstock

Long a symbol of outdatedness, the legendary German sandal Birkenstock is now a luxury item. It is now linked to the French luxury giant LVMH, in the same way as Louis Vuitton bags or the haute couture house of Christian Dior. According to some media, Birkenstock is worth 4 billion euros.

It is a national pride for many Germans. “We see them everywhere, especially in summer. When people take out their Birkenstock in Berlin, it’s mostly people who like“, says a German. However, these sandals never tried to be fashionable. Created in 1774, their only argument was comfort. The foot is there as in a bed, hammered the advertising. is what always convinces customers. The main manufacturing plant, in the far east of Germany, continues to step up production. “Every day, 30,000 pairs are made. We tripled the production“says Hilmar Knoll, head of the Gorlitz plant.

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