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Farmers Protest: Voices in support of farmers not only in country but also abroad

new Delhi: Farmers in the country have taken to the streets in protest against the agriculture laws of the central government. Farmers are constantly opposing the agricultural laws. After which now thousands of farmers are agitating and demanding withdrawal of agricultural laws implemented by the central government. At the same time, voice has started to be raised in support of Indian farmers not only from the country, but also from abroad.

Recently Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented on the peasant movement. Justin Trudeau was the first foreign leader to comment on the ongoing peasant movement in the country. He expressed concern over the farmer movement while supporting the farmers. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on the issue of farmers’ demonstrations that they are in support of peaceful demonstrations.

Objection of india

At the same time, India reacted strongly to the comment made by the Canadian PM on the issue related to farmers. India has objected to this comment and called it based on misleading information and inappropriate. It was said on behalf of India that it would be better if diplomatic negotiations are not misrepresented for political purposes.

Voice of the House of Lords

At the same time, other foreign leaders have also raised their voice in support of the farmers movement and against the agricultural laws. Now in the UK too, a voice has been raised in support of the peasant movement. Lord Singh of Wimbledon has raised the issue of peasant movement in the House of Lords in Britain. Apart from this, voice has also been raised in support of farmers from the cricket world. Former England spinner Monty Panesar has urged all Indian farmers to join this movement.

Foreign cricketers in support of farmers

Monty Panesar has opposed the agriculture laws of the central government by tweeting. He has said in his tweet that this law only benefits middlemen and businessmen. Through this law, trade restrictions and price controls on all cereals, pulses, oil seeds and onions are removed. In his tweet, he said that the minimum support price system is eliminated through these laws.

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