Farewell Mr. Haffmann: collaborative commerce

CHRONICLE – Fred Cavayé’s film hits theaters on January 12. Daniel Auteuil is exceptional there, Gilles Lellouche and Sara Giraudeau, remarkable.

“Let’s dare the nuance”, this fall pleaded Didier Pourquery in a delicate essay published by Presses de la Cité. So he will like the film Goodbye Mr. Haffmann (in theaters January 12), by Fred Cavayé, who deals with rare finesse, while nuances, the most complex subject there is: the Jews in France under the Occupation.

Joseph Haffmann is a jeweler in Paris. One of the most famous. His employee François Mercier does not breathe happiness: he is lame, infertile and does not have the qualities that would one day allow him to succeed him. But the toughening of anti-Jewish legislation will give it a chance. After sending his family to the free zone, his boss, a Jew, leaves him his business, his apartment, his customers and his wife’s dresses – with the promise of finding them after the war. Mercier is finally becoming someone. Especially thanks to the Germans who appreciate his creations (those of his predecessor…). He enriched himself, took part in drunken evenings with the officers …

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