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Fans of rappers, young people more and more conquered

For a long time, these were the college years. Rap is now coming into the ears of children, from elementary school. “Under the effect of the Internet and thanks to the direct link established by the rappers with their audience on social networks, this musical genre was able to bypass the traditional media which shunned it a little”, analyzes journalist Olivier Cachin. Suddenly, rap is everywhere, and seduces even young children, despite texts a priori not made for them.

“It’s not a music likes others, admits the expert, because rap is vulgar and provocative. “ Thus, the title most listened to online in 2020 with 101 million plays is called Do not come back and is signed Heuss the bastard and Gradur. It is about alcohol, drugs, girls and big cars.

“They don’t even understand the lyrics! “

Martin, 40, is the father of two boys aged 9 and 5. “They don’t even understand the lyrics! J‘admit that I wish they had something else in their ears. “ However, he feels a little helpless to offer other musical styles: “The more they listen to rap, the more the streaming platforms offer them. They only have access to that. “

Above all, these young aspiring fans are fascinated by the personality of rappers. This kind of anti-model, who says bad words, shows his muscles and does what he wants, could only please the youngest, yet relativizes the psychologist Geneviève Djénati. “Basically, the rapper does everything little boys dream of doing without having the right, she analyzes. They can only identify with him. “ A bit like the way the tough guy from the playground fascinates him too.


In our opinion

The rapper is certainly not an educational model to follow and complicates the life of parents. It is up to them to explain that the cap inside out and the verlan do not have room at home. Above all, too, to explain that the texts are not necessarily as “funny” as they seem. Rather than making it a subject of conflict, parents may discover certain nuggets in passing. They can also explain that many rappers write for more consensual artists and that musical genres hybridize. Far from the war of generations.


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