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Family relationships: when forgiveness takes hold

“Give us our peace of this day”

Amélie, 64 years old

“After the death of our parents, we were caught, along with my brothers and sisters, in a legal and financial system that overwhelmed us, pitted us against each other and made us suffer for ten years. This disturbed me a lot, despite the support of my partner and my children. The time has passed. The family spirit has succeeded in prevailing. Family ties are the strongest. The grandchildren, who get along very well, have helped to convey to us their desire for peace and to preserve family cohesion. I see that peace is slowly returning between us. I feel at ease. By reciting the Our Father, I say “Give us our peace for this day”.

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“Forgiveness is on the way”

Marie, 56 years old

“My family arrived in France after the Algerian war. Out of five children, I am the only one to have been placed in foster care and then in a home. My father used to beat me, and I experienced incest. I prepared to receive baptism, before getting married in church with Christophe. No one from my family came to the wedding. I no longer saw my parents. I began a journey of forgiveness with the help of a religious community, which supports me like a family. Anything that is not forgiven here will not be forgiven up there. I tried to understand the story of my father, a very young orphan, who gave alms in the markets to feed his brother. When he died, my mother disinherited me. It’s harder to forgive her because she hasn’t helped or listened to me. She passed away without answering the questions I still have. I would like to find my brothers and sisters. To give roots to my three sons. We must wash away all this past. Forgiveness is on the way. We cannot live in the anger which little by little gnaws at us and reaches those around us. “

“I write to interrupt the curse”

Laurence Nobécourt, 52 years old (1)

“My mother, who already had two daughters, didn’t want me to be born. It created a hole. I desperately desired her love, while she herself was entangled in guilt. I did not feel received or welcomed. Books created the possibility of finding a space. I have taken up residence in the language. Writing saved me, it is for me a place of safety, a cradle of protection. I mourned my mother before her death. I do not blame him. She did what she could.

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During the succession, I felt crossed by a feeling of hatred but I chose not to put it into action. Tolerance is our own responsibility. Peace comes when you manage to separate yourself from your loved ones. It was a deliverance. I have not seen my sisters again, but my door is open if, one day, they want to ask for their word. I write to pass my story on to my children without passing on the lead, in order to stop the curse. “


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