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Family missing in Afghanistan earthquake, pet dog still waiting at door

Afghanistan Quake & Dog Saga: Last week’s earthquake in Afghanistan caused a lot of devastation, in which thousands of people died and there was heavy loss of life and property. The poignant story of a white-coloured Pomeranian pet dog on social media amidst the ruins of buildings destroyed by the earthquake is attracting the attention of people not only in this country but also abroad. This dog is gazing at the door of a broken house. He comes here every day since the earthquake and cries. Actually the owners of this dog have died in the earthquake.

dog owner killed in earthquake

It is said that some animals are more sensitive than humans. Dog is one such animal. The sensitivity of one such dog that survived the earthquake in Afghanistan is bringing moisture to the eyes of people. It is worth mentioning that after the earthquake, people here are suffering in the sorrow of their families, so even this pet dog is not behind these people. In the earthquake, the entire family of the owners of this dog was destroyed and now only the ruins of the building in which it lives with its owners are left.

This dog cries at the door of the broken house

It is worth noting that after the death of the owners, the neighbors are taking care of this dog that is alive. These neighbors say that every person in their neighbor’s house has been affected by the earthquake. After this, he brought him with him to take care of this Pomeranian dog, but even after this, daily this dog goes to the door of his owners’ broken house Ochki village in Paktika province of Afghanistan. He keeps crying after going there.

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