Familiar foods shorten lifespan

Hot dogs, hamburgers, bacon and soft drinks … are foods that can have a negative impact on health, shortening life expectancy.

Diet directly affects overall health and longevity. Experts present a growing body of evidence that calorie intake from different foods has a distinct effect.

In a large study from the UK’s National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, scientists fed two groups of volunteers a similar diet supplemented with calories, sugar, fat, fiber and nutrients. macronutrients. The only difference was that one group ate processed food, the other group ate unprocessed food. Research shows that people who eat processed foods have a higher risk of diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

A 2022 study from the University of Navarra also shows that fast food can make the body age faster, increasing the risk of death from many causes.

Experts have created the Nutrition Health Index to assess how specific foods affect a person’s lifespan.

Accordingly, processed sausages topped the list of unhealthy foods. Research shows that eating a hot dog will shorten the life of the average person by 36 minutes.

Bacon ranks second in foods to limit consumption, because it will take 26 minutes away from a healthy person’s life. University research found that eating Oxford in 2019 found that eating processed red meat once a day increases the risk of colon cancer by 20%.

A bacon sandwich. Image: Photodisc

Cheese burgers are also unhealthy foods. In fact, each hamburger shortens life by 8.8 minutes. However, small, sustainable changes to the diet can have a big impact on health. Experts recommend replacing baking ingredients with fish, nuts, and fruits and increasing servings of vegetables.

Coca-Cola reduces life expectancy by 12.4 minutes, according to a University of Michigan study. Other research shows that this drink may increase the risk of colon cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Experts recommend adjusting daily water habits, replacing carbonated water with green teas. This is a drink rich in polyphenols, which have a protective effect on the body against cardiovascular disease. Research shows that drinking tea with breakfast can halve the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Experts also recommend eating more fruits containing resistant starch to increase longevity. For example, one banana has been shown to increase a person’s life span by 13 and a half minutes.

Salmon ranks high in the health food group, adding 13.5 minutes per serving.

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