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False news of the death of a wife falling from a spanning bridge to save her from prison, busted like this

Last May, a man named Rodney Wheeler dialed 911 to ask for help after his wife fell from a height of hundreds of feet in West Virginia National Park. The authorities immediately began searching for 44-year-old Julie Wheeler. For several days hundreds of volunteers, police, and professional rescue teams also trekked along the river where her husband said she was jumping. During this time assistance was also taken by helicopters and rescue dogs. Even after much searching, Julie Wheeler was nowhere to be found.

But the truth was that Julie Wheeler had never disappeared. Actually, as it was said that she had fallen off a cliff but the authorities gave her the AWVA. Was found hidden in the closet of his house. Significantly, this couple was spreading the news of Julie’s false death and saving her from punishment in the case of a health care fraud.

48-year-old Rodney Wheeler sentenced to two months in prison

On Monday, a federal judge sentenced 48-year-old Rodney Wheeler to two months in jail and six months for making plans to hide in the house. Julie Wheeler had already been sentenced to 54 months in prison for the health care fraud case and for the fake death scheme. At the same time, the judge has also imposed a fine of about $ 300,000 on him.

False news of falling to save wife from punishment was spread

The U. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of Southern Virginia said in a press release that, “Rodney Wheeler repeatedly made false and inaccurate statements to state and federal investigators about the intentional fall and disappearance of his wife.” The false statements were intended to prove the Wheelers missing. The couple took a house in Beaver, a small town in the southern part of the state with less than 2,000 inhabitants.

This is the whole case

According to court records, Julie Wheeler was also the owner and operator of JRW Home Health Sport Services. In 2016, the Veteran Affairs office enlisted help from her company to diagnose spina bifida. But investigators later found that Julie Wheeler had increased her working hours to receive approximately $ 470,00 as fees from the program. Julie was then charged with fraud in September 2019 and later convicted. He was to be sentenced on 17 June.

But on May 31, her husband reported that she had slipped from the Gradview Overlook in New River Gorge National Park. Rodney had told police that he was hiking with his wife and son while Julie inadvertently slipped while searching for the earring. But later, the whole conspiracy of Julie and Rodney was uncovered in the investigation. The police also arrested both.

Soon after, both of them admitted that they had conspired with Julie’s disappearance only to escape conviction in the health care fraud case.

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