Fake Viettel’s website to sell 4G SIM cards

Vietnam Counterfeit News Processing Center has warned users of a fake website Viettel Trading and Import – Export One Member Limited Company to sell 4G SIM cards.

The fake website of Viettel offers to sell 4G SIM cards. (Source: Center for handling fake news)

The Vietnam Counterfeit Information Processing Center (under the Department of Radio – Television & Electronic Information, Ministry of Information and Communications) said it had discovered a fake website with the name and image of a State Trade and Export Company Limited. import Viettel.

This website has a link at with many information posted information inviting users to buy and sell Viettel SIM.

It is observed that this fake website uses logos and designs with many colors that are quite similar to the official website of this brand, making it easy to confuse many people that this is the official website.

Fake Viettel's website to sell 4G SIM cards
The name of the business (Viettel) was intentionally added a less noticeable character. (Source: Center for handling fake news)

Below this website there is a stream of information “Viettell Trade and Import – Export State One Member Company Limited. Business Registration No. 0102831022 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi for the first time on January 25, 2006”.

In the name of the business, the word Viettel is intentionally added a character that is less noticeable, making the user fall into a trap.

The Vietnam Counterfeit Information Processing Center recommends that the online community not use the service of this fake website. The case will be transferred to functional agencies for consideration and handling in accordance with law.

Duy Vu

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