Factors that make Nothing Phone (1) the most “unique” phone on the Android market

A YouTube video has revealed details about the design, charging, see-through back… and more information about Nothing Phone (1) before the official launch.

Nothing Phone (1) will launch globally on July 12, this is the first smartphone product to mark the career of Nothing CEO, Carl Pei, co-founder of the popular OnePlus brand. Previously, the company revealed its plans to launch Nothing Phone (1) during an online event on March 23 led by CEO Carl Pei.

Recently, a video made by Marques Keith Brownlee, the world’s leading YouTuber in technology, has revealed the complete design of Nothing Phone (1), from front to back. With this smartphone, founder Pei promises to change the smartphone industry that is “stalemate” with today’s boring designs.

Not to disappoint technology lovers, the posted video shows a very different Nothing Phone (1) with a unique notification LED system on the back. True to Carl Pei’s statement, Nothing Phone (1) is definitely a smartphone with a design that we have never seen before. Here are the special things that only this phone has.

Strange design… familiar

First of all, Nothing Phone (1) has a design that is quite similar to the iPhone 12 with a boxy chassis, which we have never seen on an Android phone. The device has a compact size similar to the iPhone 12, far different from most current Tablet-oriented smartphones.

Following Nothing’s design strategy, Nothing Phone (1) offers a see-through design with components exposed behind a transparent back.

The notification LED system located on the back along with the flash is synchronized with all audio contexts. This light cluster also has the function of announcing calls, charging status of the device …

Previously, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition with a transparent back. However, the component inside the back of this Mi 8 is just an external component that is mounted, not related to the active components inside the device.

Special Features

Nothing Phone (1) allows you to pair individual contacts with ringtones, each with a coded character pattern (Glyph). Besides that is the ability to allow you to change the Glyph for each contact. In addition, the notification LED will show the charging status, so users do not need to turn on the screen every time they want to check the battery percentage.

The video reveals that the back is also a wireless charging dock. When you charge the Nothing (1) headset on the device, these notification LEDs will light up as soon as you put the headset on.


Regarding the camera system, the device includes a dual camera system at the rear placed vertically like the iPhone 12. On the front, there is a punch-hole camera placed in the right direction. Currently, the camera specifications of the device have not been revealed.


Nothing Phone (1) will use Nothing OS (based on Android 12). The device owns an intuitive interface, similar to stock Android, but extremely unique with the display of date and time information in Mini Pixel font.

Although not yet released on the global market, there are currently 100 Nothing Phones (1) up for auction.

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