Factors that help Viettel brand value reach a new peak

After a spectacular change, Viettel has always been a prominent brand. According to the latest assessment of Brand Finance, Viettel’s brand value increased 99 places compared to 2021 and reached the Top 250 most valuable brands in the world.

In early 2022, Brand Finance – the world’s leading brand valuation and consulting company announced the brand value rankings. Accordingly, with a valuation of $ 8,758 billion, Viettel’s brand value increased by 44% compared to 2021, up 99 places on the ranking of the most valuable brands in the world. Thanks to that, Viettel entered the Top 250 brands of the world in terms of value (ranked 227), ranked above Spotify, Qualcomm…

This is considered a spectacular breakthrough of Viettel’s brand after peaking in 2021, at the same time as the identity change to build a youthful, dynamic and 4.0 image to match the mission statement. new and transformation strategy to become a digital service provider. What is the cause of Viettel’s historic breakthrough, helping this brand increase in value, surpassing other big names in the world?

Factors that help Viettel brand value reach a new peak

If we look at Viettel’s results and brand journey in 2021, we can see three outstanding reasons: Firstly, technology companies that own fundamental digital infrastructure at the global level can brand value increased sharply. The digital infrastructure of these companies plays an important role during the Covid-19 pandemic with the function of connecting via telecommunications networks and IT infrastructure. Viettel is also in this group when it owns digital infrastructure in 11 countries, helping this group create a big and positive influence during the pandemic. Therefore, the fact that Viettel brand has a great increase in value is the right trend.

Factors that help Viettel brand value reach a new peak

This is also the reason why Viettel is the 61st strongest brand globally, as measured by Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index in 2022. Viettel is also the only Vietnamese unit in the list. Top 250 globally and one of Brand Finance’s 10 most promoted brands in 2022.

The second reason is that in 2021, Viettel has achieved many positive results in international business with the telecommunications segment growing profit by 13.5%, especially in the context that this market has improved, but the revenue is still low. and industry profits remained flat. Viettel alone also created growth of nearly 40% in the African market and rose to the No. 1 position in Myanmar.

Factors that help Viettel brand value reach a new peak

In the field of telecommunications, Viettel is a pioneer brand in the design and research of successful production of the 5G network equipment ecosystem – the technology of the future, serving the 4.0 society. This is an important factor for Viettel to create new revenue streams in the future, thereby contributing to Viettel’s brand value.

Third, Viettel made a big change in brand identity. Accordingly, the Viettel brand is “transformed” with a youthful, dynamic and 4.0 image. Thanks to that, Viettel brand has a prominent image whether on the streets of Vietnam or on all digital platforms with its impressive red color.

Factors that help Viettel brand value reach a new peak

In fact, users’ perception of Viettel’s new image has also changed more positively than before, corresponding to the mission statement “Pioneer, key to creating digital society” that this brand commits to.

Commenting on the remarkable increase in the value of Vietnamese brands, Mr. Samir Dixit – Managing Director of Brand Finance Asia Pacific said: “Vietnamese brands have shown outstanding resilience in the industry. throughout the Covid-19 era and are competing aggressively with some of the oldest global brands. Some of the branding success for Vietnamese brands can also be attributed to the “Vietnam Values ​​Programme,” a government initiative that encourages companies to focus more on brands.”

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