Facebook Vietnam is dealing with accounts in the article tagging case to trick passwords

Scams that tag Facebook users in traffic accident content to trick Facebook into getting passwords discovered by Facebook may delete the relevant account.

Recent Facebook users have complained of being tagged in posts of tragic content. When you click on the link, a new page will open, asking for login. However, this new page is fake for stealing user information.

Articles take advantage of links to major media outlets, but in fact the link when clicked is fake. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Reply ICTnewsFacebook admitted it had discovered the problem and is investigating.

“Accounts or pages will be deleted if it detects any activity related to non-authentic interactions, demonstrating Facebook’s determination to combat fraudulent services and fraudulent activities”, answered by Facebook.

Reporter ICTnews were also tagged in as mentioned, mainly traffic accident articles. When you click on the link, a new page will appear, asking for your Facebook account name and password to view the content.

Recently, when users clicked on the link, a Google warning appeared saying that the website the user visited could steal information, or request to download malware.

Some of the tagging posts have also disappeared, perhaps due to Facebook’s intervention.

However some other content is older, as observed by ICTnews A few days ago, there was no Google warning and still displayed.

“View snippets” sites designed to trick Internet users have been around for many years. Nowadays, when people spend more time online than ever before, it is paramount to raise awareness to stay alert to online scammers, ”Facebook warned in reply. ICTnews.

The bad guy setting up a login page like Facebook to steal account information is not new, but their tricks are different from time to time. The use of links to articles of major newspapers and news sites as a way to affirm “prestige”, with sad content only recently appeared.

According to statistics of security firms, Vietnam is in the group of countries leading the world in the number of phishing websites – fake websites set up to steal user information.


Recurring tagging on Facebook to steal information

Recurring tagging on Facebook to steal information

Many people are tagged on mourning posts on Facebook, if logged in, there is a risk of information theft.


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