Facebook testing for users with up to 5 profile pages from the original account

Users can use each profile for a different purpose.

On Thursday (July 14), Facebook announced that it will be testing the ability to create up to 4 additional personal pages from a user’s original account. This is Meta’s biggest change yet, to encourage users to continue using the platform amid increased competition from competitors.

Photo: Alex Castro / The Verge

This idea was created to help users separate each individual page for a different purpose. They will still be using their main Facebook account, the generated profiles can be quickly converted with a few clicks.

According to spokesman Leonard Lam, these personal pages are still subject to Facebook’s policy, just one of them violates Facebook’s terms, it will affect the original account.

We’re experimenting with creating multiple profiles linked to a single Facebook account to help people personalize their experience based on interests and relationships. In addition, anyone using Facebook must continue to follow our rules.” Lam said.

Additional profiles will not necessarily use real identities for display. As long as they do not violate the policy and do not use special characters and numbers to name.

This big change shows that Facebook is struggling to keep users, especially young audiences, in the context of existential threats like TikTok growing strongly. For the first time, the company saw a drop in daily users globally in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Thai Hoang (according to The Verge)


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