Facebook suddenly ‘disgraced’?

12/13/2020 05:30 GMT + 7

Not only facing two lawsuits that are considered the most serious threats in the US, Facebook has also caught the eye of the EU and some other countries and regions.

According to US media, the US government and 48 attorneys general spoke to Facebook on December 9. The site filed a signed antitrust lawsuit, accusing it of using illegal and anti- Compete to buy back, intimidate and strangle the competition, seeking to separate this social networking giant.

A concurrent lawsuit by the US government and the Attorney General in Federal District Court accused Facebook of engaging in illegal activity under the leadership of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Legitimate monopoly behavior – having repeatedly used its huge database, seemingly limitless wealth and corporate power as a weapon to fight threats, maintain its position as epidemic the most widely used social networking service in the world.

The federal complaints and attorney general have mainly questioned Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram photo sharing tools and messaging app WhatsApp. Investigators claim that the last two acquisitions helped Facebook eliminate potential formidable competitors in the digital market, allowing the tech giant to get rich through advertising at the expense of people. use. However, users lack the freedom to choose the right platforms.

According to the report, the two lawsuits are considered the most serious political and legal threats Facebook has faced in its 16-year history. This heightened conflict between US regulators and Silicon Valley’s most profitable company could take years to resolve. Antitrust regulators have asked the court to consider forcing Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp to remove concerns about their competition. This penalty will tear down Zuckerberg’s digital empire and severely limit Facebook’s ambitious goals.

Specifically, the Federal Trade Commission, chaired by Joe Simmons of the Republican Party, has filed a lawsuit with the Federal Court. New York State Democratic Attorney Letitia James led Democrats and Republicans from dozens of states and territories to file lawsuits with the same court. In a press conference on 9/12, James harshly criticized Facebook for “placing profits above consumers, happiness and privacy”.

“Today, we send a strong and clear signal to Facebook and all other companies: Any attempt to stifle competition, hurt small businesses, undermine,” James said. weak innovation and creativity as well as minimizing our ability to protect privacy will be subject to our complete administrative scrutiny ”.

Facebook responded quickly to the lawsuit, pledging to “do everything it can to protect (for its business operations)”. Jennifer Newstead, the site’s Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, said in a statement: “People and small businesses choose to have free Facebook ads and services not because they have to use it, but because Our application or service provides maximum value ”.

The report points out that this lurking legal war marks the sudden demise of Facebook. Over the years, the US government has adopted a no-interference policy in Facebook and Silicon Valley tech companies. Affected by the news, Facebook’s share price fell 1.93% to $ 277.92 and its market value evaporated $ 15.57 billion and continued to show signs of going down.

The lack of serious oversight by US regulators is in stark contrast to Europe. Recognizing the serious threat posed by the tech industry and the sentiment to pursue development at all costs, an attempt to punish Facebook and other similar companies was officially launched in Europe.

In July this year, the European Court of Justice ruled that the framework for the transfer of personal data between the EU and the US was invalid. Based on this decision, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) has begun investigating whether the transmission of data from EU citizens to the US by US internet giant Facebook is legal.

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Personal information of millions of Vietnamese Facebook users was spread by hackers

Personal information of millions of Vietnamese Facebook users was spread by hackers

Information of about 3 million Facebook users in Vietnam, including name, gender, hobby, job … was posted on a forum for hackers.


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