Facebook still lets the anti-group group grow like mushrooms

The movement to form anti-celebrity groups continues to emerge recently on the social network Facebook.

By the end of 2020, the anti-celebrity movement suddenly blossomed on Facebook with a series of anti-celebrity groups emerging, most notably the Huong Giang anti-group with 140,000 members, the Thuy Tien anti-group with 84,000 members. All the movements of famous people at that time were examined and quickly analyzed and discussed in these groups. In many cases, because of one eye, there were anti groups like Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Linh Chi …

For a while when showbiz was paused because many activities stopped because the New Year and the epidemic returned, anti-groups also began to sink. Until recently, the anti-Hai Tu group re-emerged with two groups of 366,000 and 264,000 members before disappearing.

The anti-Hai Tu group mushroomed in the neglect of Facebook’s management

According to experts, the reason for this group’s disappearance may be due to too many bad reports, so Facebook automatically locks it or the administrator actively locks it, and then silently changes its name and sells it. However, there are still two other Hai Tu anti-groups with 234,000 and 111,000 members and many other groups of anti-groups working very actively.

Recently, it was the turn of the streamer Hoang ViruSs to also have an anti-group with 23,000 members after just a few days of forming the group. With the flaw that anyone can form any group at any time almost indefinitely, Facebook is free to let all sorts of malicious groups in general form a pervasive innocent. However, there is no control. That is not to mention, the group that has formed can freely change its name, making it easier than ever to take advantage, when anti targets celebrities.

Facebook still lets the anti-group group grow like mushrooms
ViruSs is the latest victim of the anti-celebrity group on Facebook, although he himself is the ambassador of Facebook Gaming in Vietnam.

Again and again, the fact that anti-groups have attracted so many members to join in such a short time is partly due to the actions of celebrities. As in the case of Hai Tu, although there are no direct controversial statements, the fact that this model is rumored to break the relationship between Son Tung M-TP and his girlfriend Thieu Bao Tram is more than enough. to provoke the anger of the masses.

But not stopping there, after becoming the focus of attention of netizens, Hai Tu continued to reveal offensive and controversial photos. As a recent photo shows Hai Tu using the book The Alchemist to cover the sensitive part, making anti extremely frustrated.

So while Facebook still lax in group management and censorship is largely based on AI, people of the public need to know how to preserve the image to avoid one day becoming victims of anti groups.

Phuong Nguyen

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