Facebook ‘scares’ its users to be crawled

Facebook and all other applications on iOS 14.5 must obtain user permission before collecting usage data.

In the latest update on iOS 14, the Facebook and Instagram apps pop up a message asking users to allow them to collect data. In the announcement, Facebook said retrieving user data helps them “use Facebook for free”.

Facebook is “scaring” users?

“This iOS version requires us to consult with us to track some of the data from the device to optimize ads for you. Click here to see how we will limit the data collection if you do. We use information about you through other apps and websites to show you more personalized ads, make Facebook free to use and support dependent businesses. into the advertisement to reach customers, “the notice states.

Change on ios 14.5 anh 1

Notification on the Facebook app is seen as a strategy to “intimidate” users, according to technology researcher Ashkan Soltani. Photo: Ashkan Soltani.

Speaking of the announcement, the Facebook representative said it was an “information screen”, allowing Facebook to “speak more clearly about how to use data to personalize ads”.

“Facebook has started using tactics to scare users to deal with privacy changes on iOS 14,” said technology researcher Ashkan Soltani, who worked at the US Telecommunications Commission (FTC). your personal page.

Facebook has criticized Apple since Apple announced iOS 14. The representative of this social network said that the change privacy This can make it difficult for many small businesses, depending on Facebook’s advertising network, to reach customers. Facebook even buys ads in various newspapers to pressure Apple. In its January financial report, Facebook also called Apple “one of the biggest competitors”.

However, the phrase “keep Facebook / Instagram free” in the notification seems to go against Facebook’s early strategy, which is that the social network “will always be free”. According to the The Verge, Facebook quietly added that in 2019. CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the possibility of a paid Facebook in 2018.

“There will always be a free version of Facebook,” Mark Zuckerberg said when he testified before Congress in 2018.

How will iOS 14 change the advertising industry and Facebook?

iOS 14 introduces many changes to help protect user privacy. The biggest change lies in the iOS 14.5 update just released last week with App Tracking Transparency (ATT).

After updating iOS 14.5 and opening apps on iPhone, users will be asked if they want to provide their behavior for the app. There are two options: “Request the app to not track” or “Allow”. According to the Financial TimesFaced with such a very clear question, most users will choose no, despite the developer stating the reason they need to collect data.

Change on ios 14.5 anh 2

From iOS 14.5, users can choose whether or not to allow apps to collect data.

Previously, apps on iOS were allowed to collect and share a set of data, including location, what apps were on the phone, when to use the app, email address (encrypted), phone number. of the user. All of this information is assigned a number called an advertiser number (IDFA).

The longer users use the iPhone and through many apps, the more traces of data they leave. Applications, through IDFA codes, can use that data to create a virtual set of user profiles, thereby better targeting ads.

As of iOS 14.5, every app must ask for user permission to access IDFA-associated data. If the user refuses, the application will not be able to retrieve the data associated with their IDFA.

If the developer attempts to replace IDFA with another form of data collection, such as an email address, the app will be considered a violation of the App Store rules.

According to the Zing /

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