Facebook Messenger failed to receive and send messages in Vietnam

12/10/2020 18:19 GMT + 7

Facebook Messenger failed to receive messages, had difficulty connecting to the server, sometimes having trouble logging in.

From about 5 pm today 10/12, Facebook Messenger failed not only in Vietnam but in many other countries.

Facebook Messenger on the computer continuously reported disconnection at around 17:30 on December 10. (Photo: Hai Dang)

Accordingly, many users in Vietnam complained of difficulty sending messages from Facebook Messenger, on both mobile applications and computers from that time period.

On the computer, the website constantly reports that it is connecting or losing the Internet connection, although the connection is stable. On smartphones, sending messages is difficult, recipients do not receive it as usual.

On the page, since 5 pm this afternoon the number of errors has increased dramatically. As of press time, there are nearly 1,000 bug reports from Messenger. Accounting for more than half of all complaints are no messages received, followed by connection to the server, and logging in.

In the comment section, the faulty countries include Egypt, Italy, Nepal, Philippines, Cyprus, Taiwan, Bangladesh …

ICTnews will continue to update more information on this.


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