Facebook is the social network that most worries Americans

While the US government has repeatedly accused TikTok of collecting user information, people in the US are concerned that Facebook is the most information gathering tool on the Internet.

The privacy of users on the Internet is being compared to the precious “oil field” of technology companies, when companies are looking for ways to collect their user information and then use it for many purposes. different, for example to display advertising content suitable for users, sold to outside companies to carry out market research projects or even serve for espionage purposes …

According to a survey recently conducted by WhistleOut, a website that compares mobile and telecom plans to help users make the right choice, up to 85% of Americans surveyed believe the least a tech company is spying on them. Inside, Facebook tops the list of companies that are most concerned by people, with 68% of respondents believing that Facebook is “breaking the law” to track their users.

Facebook and TikTok tops the list of companies that suspect Americans are collecting their information (Image: WhistleOut)

TikTok ranked No. 2 in the survey, when 53% of Americans participating in the survey expressed concerns with this social network. Instagram, another Facebook social network, ranked 4th in a survey with 43% of Americans believing that Instagram is following users.

Other major tech companies also worry many US users, such as Google (45% of respondents fear being followed), Amazon (38%), Snapchat (37%) or Twitter (35%). … Meanwhile, Apple, with its claims of always doing its best to protect users’ data, has gained a lot of trust when only 30% of survey participants believe Apple is spying on them.

According to WhistleOut’s survey, 80% of Americans believe tech firms are eavesdropping on their phone chats, with Facebook once again being the company most concerned about. 55% of users surveyed believe that this social network is eavesdropping on them over the phone, TikTok ranked second with 40%.

Technology companies like Google, Apple, or Amazon also cause many users to worry that they may eavesdrop on them through virtual assistants built into smartphones. In fact, both Google, Apple, and Amazon have admitted that their virtual assistants collect user information through chats and that this content is even heard and analyzed by human beings. actually, rather than by automatic machine systems.

Although the majority of respondents believe that tech firms are spying on them, 57% of people are unsure what companies are doing with the information they have collected, while only 24% of people believe that companies use users’ information to display relevant advertising content.

Notably, 2/3 of the survey participants confirmed that after they talked about a certain product and had never searched for product information on the Internet, the advertising content related to the product. was suddenly shown on the tech company’s app or website. This is evidence that technology companies have silently eavesdropped on users’ conversations through smartphones.

When asked what they intend to do to protect their privacy from online apps, 40% of survey respondents said they removed or stopped using TikTok, 18% said they had quit. Facebook application due to privacy concerns.

57% of survey respondents believe that at least one technology company should be banned for violating user privacy, of which 37% think TikTok is an app that should be banned, 20% others say it is Facebook and 13% believe that Instagram is an app should be banned.

According to the Dantri / PCMag, WhistleOut

Facebook `` implores ''  iOS users allow retrieving data for advertising

Facebook “begged” iOS users to allow data to be advertised

The Facebook application will display a dialog with iPhone and iPad users asking them to agree to allow Facebook to collect information about the device in order to display relevant advertising content for users.


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