Facebook is about to have a big ‘variable’?

Members of the Facebook Oversight Committee will have a meeting with Frances Haugen, who has denounced the “secret history” of this social network.

Accordingly, Frances Haugen said she had received an invitation from the Facebook Oversight Committee and agreed to meet face-to-face with members of this Committee to discuss the issues she reported.

“I have accepted the invitation to brief the Facebook Board of Supervisors on what I have noted while working there,” Frances Haugen wrote on her personal Twitter page. “Facebook has spoken to the Oversight Committee many times and I look forward to sharing the truth with them.”

After the meeting between the Facebook Oversight Committee and Frances Haugen, many major changes will happen at Facebook?

Frances Haugen used to hold the position of Product Manager at Facebook from 2019 until leaving the company in May 2021. During his time at Facebook, Haugen realized that the company did not guarantee their commitment that the products would bring positive things to the community, even valuing profits more than the interests of users. , even “ignoring” fake news, violence or ethnic division… just for profit. Haugen also asserted that Facebook’s internal research had recognized the harmful effects of Instagram on young users, but kept this secret.

In response to Haugen’s accusations, the Facebook Oversight Committee stepped in.

In a notice posted on its official website, the Facebook Oversight Committee said in recent weeks “new information about Facebook’s content moderation methods have come to light,” the Commission said. The Oversight Committee will “discuss Ms. Haugen’s issues and gather information that can help promote greater transparency and accountability from Facebook”.

The Facebook Oversight Committee is composed of 20 independent members, living around the world. Members of the Facebook Oversight Committee include lawyers, mathematicians, Nobel laureates or even former Heads of State.

The Oversight Committee is Facebook’s “Supreme Court”, which can make important decisions for Facebook’s Board of Directors, including recommending the social network’s operating policies. Even the Oversight Committee is allowed to make decisions contrary to the opinion of CEO Mark Zuckerberg. One of the important decisions that the Facebook Oversight Committee ever made was the decision to “permanently ban” former President Donald Trump from Facebook.

With the Oversight Committee stepping in to investigate Frances Haugen’s allegations against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, the tech world is waiting to see if there’s a major upheaval to the social network in the near future. come or not. This is an opportunity for the Facebook Oversight Committee to demonstrate its power over Facebook.

Facebook has not yet commented on whether the Facebook Oversight Committee will meet face-to-face to discuss the issues with Frances Haugen.

According to Dantri/RT

Facebook faces a second accusation

Facebook faces a second accusation

On October 10, talking to CNN, Sophie Zhang – who used to work at Facebook said that she is ready to testify before the National Assembly to denounce her former employer.


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