Facebook has trouble processing video of mass massacre in Buffalo

According to the New York Times, retweeted clips of the attack sometimes appear alongside Facebook ads.

So far, Facebook is still “struggling” to stop the video of last weekend’s horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, New York. In addition, the keyword phrases leading to the shooting videos still appear “a lot” on the platform, making Facebook’s control even more difficult.

Searches related to the shooting video were also accompanied by ads for a horror movie, clothing companies and video streaming services, The New York Times reported.

In fact, this is not the first time Facebook has had this problem. Three years earlier, the Christchurch church shooting also made public skeptical about Facebook’s censorship work, when the platform actually suggested keywords that were said to be “popular” related to Facebook. video of the shooting.

Similar to previous shootings, footage was originally streamed live on Twitch by the Buffalo gunman making it harder for other platforms to stop. Currently, Facebook is still actively dealing with copies distributed on its platform.

However, Facebook’s display of ads next to these videos raises the question: Is the company prioritizing profit over safety?

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson said that it is working to protect people who use its service from seeing this horrible content, even as bad guys are trying to get them to notice it. .

Thai Hoang (according to Engadget)


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