Facebook does not remove the green tick on the Apple fanpage

The information “Facebook removed Apple’s blue tick” circulating on social networks was fake. This is not the way a big company behaves.

On the morning of December 24, many accounts on social networks said that Facebook had just had a bad behavior with Apple: remove the green tick of the Apple account on Facebook.

“Facebook has just removed the green tick of the Apple account on this platform”, commentator Matt Navara shared on his personal Twitter that has more than 70,000 followers.

apple page is ticked green?  brother 1

Apple’s Facebook page which didn’t have a green tick, while the pages of other services did, confusing many people. Photo: Tuan Anh.

This information has been reported Daily Mail post, and spread quickly on many Facebook groups in Vietnam. With 13 million likes, if Facebook unilaterally remove the green tick of Apple’s page, this is a rare “retaliation” move among the tech giants.

However, the truth is that the Apple page on Facebook never had a green tick. Users can verify this information for themselves by going to past web browsing services like the Wayback Machine, pasting the link to Apple’s Facebook page.

When reviewing Apple’s Facebook page from the time before December 24, it can be seen that the page has no green tick. This is also a rather strange point because all other Apple services such as Apple Music, Apple TV or App Store on Facebook, Instagram have a green tick.

apple page is ticked green?  brother 2

Using the web review service in the past, you can see that the Apple page on Facebook has no ticks. Photo: XT.

Thus, the Apple page did not lose the green tick, which was not available before.

Matt Navara himself then had to correct this information. The commentator said Facebook responded to him that the reason the Apple site doesn’t have the green tick is because the site manager himself had to ask Facebook for the confirmation mark, and it is possible that the Apple site admin did not.

Facebook, Apple are having public conflicts about privacy policies. From 2021, Apple will roll out a feature that will allow users to grant tracking permissions for different applications.

This policy will greatly damage Facebook. This social network inherently relies on user data to serve advertising business. With Apple’s new policy, Facebook’s revenue and its ability to monetize more or less affected.

On December 16, Facebook created a website featuring content critical of Apple’s new policy, arguing that the Cupertino-based company has the potential to harm small businesses. They even buy advertisements in many major newspapers like New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal to criticize Apple.

In response, Apple CEO Tim Cook defended the company’s policy.

“We believe that users should have the right to choose which of their data is collected and for what purpose. Facebook can continue to track users through the same apps and websites as before, but with App Tracking. Transparency on iOS will require them to ask for your permission in advance, “the Apple operator wrote on his Twitter page.

Whether posting each other in the newspaper or making the leaders have to speak up, the fact that Facebook did not “retaliate” against Apple by removing the green tick. However, when the two sides have too different views on privacy, the conflict between Facebook and Apple will continue into 2021.

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The decade war between Apple and Facebook

The latest clash between Apple and Facebook is just the next development in the decade-long battle between the two world tech giants.


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