Facebook demonstrates mind-reading technology

19/03/2021 11:14 GMT + 7

Facebook just revealed the wearable with mind-reading capabilities and augmented reality keyboard, allowing the replacement of the keyboard and mouse in future hardware products.

The Facebook Reality Labs division has just demonstrated the technology in an online meeting with the press this week. The department director gives a presentation about the technology while the project video is shown to an audience.

According to CNBC, Facebook’s wearable device is capable of reading signals sent by the user’s brain to the hand. In theory, it reads the signal to know what the user wants to do and perform the action in a virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) environment.

According to TR Reardon, director of scientific research at Facebook Reality Labs, the neurons that control wrist and hand movement can have twice as many neurons that control the mouth.

Facebook scientists illustrate a situation where users only need to pinch their finger in real life to hold and control a remote virtual object in AR. It is like the ability to control and move people or objects from a distance of some characters in the Star Wars movie.

In addition, Facebook also demonstrated electromyography (EMG) bracelets that users wear to type on any surface, similar to how they type on a physical keyboard.

Facebook develops these technologies while preparing to launch its first smart glasses later this year. This is a product cooperated with Luxottica eyewear corporation. Unlike smartphones – which depend on touch screens, or Oculus – that depend on a controller, there is currently no clear input mechanism for smart glasses.

Answering the question of when these technologies will be available in real life, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer said they are still in the early stages of development. He shared that it is difficult to judge the specific time, they are just focusing on honing the technology.

Du Lam (According to CNBC)

Facebook pays press: Just a PR move

Facebook pays press: Just a PR move

From January 2021, after years of pressure from publishers and politicians, Facebook will start paying British news outlets to use their content.


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