Facebook begged iOS users to allow it to take data to advertise

The Facebook application will display a dialog with iPhone and iPad users asking them to agree to allow Facebook to collect information about the device in order to display relevant advertising content for users.

The move was made by Facebook after Apple said it would update the privacy on the iOS 14 platform, which will clearly inform users about which apps collect information from the device and users have the right to decide. whether to allow the app to collect information.

Facebook’s dialog box appears on the iOS platform to convince users to allow collecting data for advertising purposes

Accordingly, each iPhone and iPad will have a device identifier code, called IDFA. Companies selling mobile ads, including Facebook, will use this identifier to display user-relevant ad content and to estimate the effectiveness of the ad content.

However, with the upcoming iOS 14 update, each application wants to use the device’s identification number to obtain the user’s consent. If users choose not to agree to share information about device identifiers, Facebook ads will be less effective, resulting in advertisers cutting spending on Facebook and affecting directly to the revenue of this social network.

Facebook foreseeing this should warn investors that the social network’s advertising business will be seriously affected after Apple updates its new privacy policy on iOS 14.

To limit the damage brought about by the changes on the iOS platform, Facebook has taken a step towards Apple, starting today displaying an in-app notification dialog for the iPhone and iPad. to convince users to allow the company to continue to collect information from the device.

This dialog will provide users with detailed information about why Facebook collects information from users’ devices, with Facebook arguing that this will help the ads be displayed properly. with shopping needs and will help support advertising-based businesses.

Notably, in this permission dialog, Facebook does not use the word “track”, but instead uses the concept of “recording your app usage and website activity” to display the content. advertising match.

Of course, in this dialog, the user can still optionally deny permission to Facebook. However, with its move, Facebook will have the opportunity to clarify the benefits of allowing information collection on the device to convince users.

Apple says its new iOS privacy policy will go into effect this spring. This change of policy caused a lot of controversy between Facebook and Apple, with Facebook asserting that Apple’s move will harm millions of businesses globally.

In response to Facebook’s criticism, CEO Tim Cook has “hinted” at Facebook’s operating model: “If a business is built on user misunderstandings, on data mining. And without a choice for the user, that’s not worth commending. That business needs to be transformed.

According to the Dantri / CNBC, DTrends

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