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Facebook announced the resumption of news service in Australia, said- no differences now

Melbourne: Social media giant Facebook has announced the resumption of its news service in Australia. Facebook has entered into a revised agreement with the Government of Australia on the ‘Media Bargaining’ Act related to the news distribution deal of news media establishments. This law relates to technology companies paying for news content.

Alert was also blocked on Kovid-19

Disputes over payments to news organizations for sharing journalistic-related content increased last week. Facebook prohibited the people of Australia from sharing news articles etc. Due to this, many government pages and announcements and alerts on Kovid-19 were also blocked, due to which the company faced a lot of criticism.

Facebook again befriends Australia

The historical media bargaining law of the Australian Government is also called ‘The Code’. It has not yet been passed in Parliament. Australian Government Finance Minister Josh Freudenberg discussed the issue in detail with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday. Freudenberg said, “Facebook has again befriended Australia.” Australia’s news will be put again on Facebook’s platform. Apart from this, the social media company has assured to interact positively with the news media companies of Australia.

Freudenberg was quoted as saying by Zuckerberg, “Facebook will enter into individual commercial agreements with news publishers and talks with several parties are in the advanced stage.”

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