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Face mask is no longer mandatory… With this announcement of the pilot, the passengers celebrated

A video of an American flight is becoming fiercely viral on the Internet. In this video, passengers in flight are expressing happiness over the court’s decision to end the mandatory use of face masks in public transport (train-bus-flight) in the US. This video, which has been viewed more than two million times. This video is from a plane of Delta airline.

In the clip, the pilot announces to the passenger that the mask is mandatory for public transport and that wearing a mask is now optional. When the pilot gives this information to the passengers, many passengers sitting in the flight take off their masks and welcome the decision by clapping.

It is worth noting that in America, it will no longer be mandatory to wear masks in flights, metro, trains or buses. A US court has canceled the mandatory rule of Kovid mask for public transport. A Florida court in its order has not justified a 14-month-old decision to mandate wearing of masks.

A federal judge in the US on Monday struck down a requirement of Kovid-19 masks for public transport imposed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). US District Judge Katherine Kimball Mizzell of the Central District of Florida said that the requirement of masks is outside the statutory authority of the CDC.

Let us tell you that the CDC recently extended the requirement of face masks while traveling in airplanes, subway, trains, buses and other means of public transport until May 3, amid a spurt in corono cases.

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