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My mother is 72 years old, has high blood pressure, just got Covid-19 with a cough. Can my mother take antiretroviral drugs and what should be added? (Jiang, 37 years old)

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Your mother has more than one risk factor, which is underlying hypertension and advanced age. Therefore, when there is a positive antigen test result for Covid-19, your mother can completely take antiviral drugs.

Currently, there are 3 types of antiviral drugs used in the treatment regimen for Covid-19 in Vietnam: Molnupiravir, Favipiravir, and Remdesivir. You can buy Molnupiravir at drug stores licensed by the Ministry of Health to circulate Covid-19 drugs manufactured in Vietnam when meeting the conditions to buy drugs.

Your mother should use a combination of cough syrup if the cough is mild. In case of cough with sputum, the patient or the patient’s family should call the treating doctor to get a prescription for appropriate cough treatment, to avoid adverse drug interactions. Note, if the patient has one of the following symptoms: coughing up blood, coughing for more than 3 weeks, he must go to the hospital, or call the doctor for treatment immediately. In addition, to increase the body’s resistance, patients should supplement with vitamin C, have a reasonable rest and adequate nutrition.

Because of the underlying disease of hypertension, the patient continued to adhere to the previous course of treatment, did not arbitrarily quit blood pressure medication or change prescriptions without the prescription of a specialist.

Wishing you and your family good health!

BSCK I Dao Huy Hieu

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Central Military Hospital 108


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