F0 escaped from the hospital

HanoiThe Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases discovered that a 55-year-old man, from Hung Yen, had fled while being treated for Covid-19, early in the morning of December 8.

A representative of the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases said that by the evening of the same day, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of Hung Yen province had found him in his hometown, receiving treatment and implementing preventive measures for the disease. related people.

The man was positive and was admitted to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases on December 5. He has a background of end-stage cirrhosis, hepatitis. After 3 days of treatment, he fled, still wearing hospital clothes and carrying personal belongings. As soon as the incident was discovered, the hospital mobilized human resources to search and notify CDC Hanoi, Hung Yen and related units for support. It is not clear why he escaped from the hospital.

The Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases is the last line of Covid-19 treatment in the North, is treating about 500 F0 who are severe and have a complicated medical condition.

The situation of F0 running away while undergoing treatment happened in Kon Tum, Lam Dong, Lao Cai… This will affect the treatment process, epidemic prevention, and increase the risk of Covid-19 spreading. in the community. According to regulations, if causing consequences, F0 can be criminally handled.

Hanoi recorded 709 cases of Covid-19 from 6 pm on December 7 to 6 pm on December 8. Of which, there are 243 community cases, 329 cases detected in the isolation area, 137 cases in the blockade area. Cumulating the number of Covid-19 cases during the 4th outbreak, the city recorded 15,255 cases, treating about 6,500 people in hospitals, 851 F0 mild or asymptomatic being treated at mobile health stations in 22 districts, district.



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