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Extensive research against Kovid-19 in US, experts told two companies needed for large population

Washington: Extensive research is going on on other vaccines of Kovid-19 amid increasing cases of Corona virus in America. Public health experts have said that with more than two vaccines available, people will have more options. One vaccine has been manufactured by Pfizer and its partner German company Bioentech, while the other vaccine has been made by Moderna.

Vaccination will be ensured with sufficient number of vaccines available

Experts are of the opinion that vaccination of a large population of the country and the world will be ensured by the availability of adequate number of vaccines. Novavax Inc., which is developing a potential vaccine in the US, is the fifth company to reach the final stage of human trials. Famous infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauchi said on Monday, “If you want to ensure vaccination of more than 85 percent of the population in the country, you will need more than two companies.”

More than two companies needed for vaccination of 85 percent people

According to the Kovid-19 surveillance project, around 18 lakh people have died due to corona virus worldwide. Talk about America, due to infection here, more than 3 thousand people have lost their lives. The number of people who died in December so far has been around 65 thousand. For the past few weeks, more than 3 thousand people in America are dying every day from infection. The Trump administration may supply 20 million doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to states in early January.

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