Extended electric range, rebirth of the R5: Renault presents its recovery plan on Thursday

The Renault logo in front of a garage. Illustrative photo. (STÉPHANIE BERLU / FRANCE-INFO)

Arrived last July, Luca de Meo, wants to mark the break with his predecessor Carlos Ghosn. There is no longer any question of racing frantically for volumes.
The objective is to increase the group’s margins on each vehicle, as its competitor PSA does: sell fewer cars but more expensive.

Renault will clean up its range. Exit the minivans which do not sell well for example. The manufacturer will rely heavily on electricity, where he was a pioneer with his little Zoé. From this first quarter, it will also release its low-cost electric model, its Dacia Spring, which is intended to be the cheapest car on the market in this niche. With it, Renault hopes to attract new customers, who until then could not afford a clean vehicle.

The manufacturer is working on electric vehicles inspired by his most famous models from the 60s to the 90s such as the R5, his star of the 70s. Luca de Meo, we must not forget, he is the man by whom the Fiat 500 was resuscitated in the 2000s. The Italian wants to apply the same recipe to Renault, but surfing on the electric.

With this new strategy, Renault hopes to quickly turn the page of this annus horribilis. Between his failed marriage with Fiat-Chrysler, the scandal of the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, accused of financial embezzlement, Renault has, in 2020, chained the setbacks. Above all, the group took the crisis head on, much more violently than its competitors. Last year, the brand made 800,000 sales less than in 2019. Admittedly, it benefited from the support of the State, via a loan of 5 billion euros, but impossible to escape a vast plan savings: 15,000 job cuts planned worldwide, including 4,600 in France.

In this context, the social situation is tense, the unions fear plant closures. A central social committee and a board of directors are convened on Wednesday January 13, just before the presentation of Luca de Meo, tomorrow.

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