Express Reviews: After Young and Un Monde

CRITICAL – The first presents a future where the robot has found its place in society, and the second talks about bullying.

After young: my friend the robot

Robots are also dying. Yang no longer works. The android served as a big brother, baby-sitter for little Mika. The father, who runs a tea shop, tries to repair it by all means. In the near future, cars run on their own and there is something Japanese about the houses. This slight shift is reminiscent of Welcome to Gattaca or The Lobster. The kid is inconsolable. Her parents don’t know what to do anymore. Colin Farrell, unusually sweet, with a calm, muffled voice, penetrates the memories of this techno-being who collected butterflies, quoted Lao-tse and knew the history of China by heart. A blonde waitress comes to the surface. The past holds surprises. The family will strengthen its ties in a mysterious atmosphere of rare elegance. An American of South Korean origin, Kogonada is restoring beauty to its nobility. It’s a whispering film. We strain our ears. Robot memory looks like rain

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