Expected Features on Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung may launch Galaxy Z Flip 4 later this year, users expect both hardware and software to be superior.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is one of Samsung’s best and best-selling folding phones with a compact design and necessary upgrades compared to its predecessor such as water resistance, but it still has a lot of room for improvement. up. Users expect the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to fix that with the upgrades below.

Say no to folds

The crease in the middle of the screen can still be the biggest concern with folding phones, even if you think your eyes will get used to that over time.

Expected Features on Galaxy Z Flip 4

On phones like Moto RAZR 5G, OPPO Find N, the folds are almost “invisible” and Samsung should tweak its design to catch up with that.

Compared to the vertical fold of the Z Fold 3, the middle fold on the Z Flip 3 seems more annoying because it runs vertically on a small screen, so each time you use it you have to swipe over the fold more. That’s why changing the fold design is the first thing Samsung should do with the Z Flip 4.

Larger external screen

Although the Z Flip 3 has increased the screen size compared to its predecessor making it really useful for quick tasks like notifications, setting alarms, etc., the 4:3 aspect ratio screen on the front will still be convenient. more.

In addition, if the external screen is used more, users will use the main screen less, helping to save battery.

Flipping the phone is cool on a foldable phone, but sometimes a quick tap on the secondary screen to get work done is also a great thing, so this needs attention for further improvements. .

Of course, the downside of having a larger external display is that it increases the chance of damage if dropped. But if it boosts productivity, it’s worth a try.

Better camera

This is not an easy problem to solve as newer camera sensors will take up more space on a small folding phone body, but it is still worth looking forward to.

The camera on the current Z Flip 3 is not bad, Samsung has used artificial intelligence (AI) to identify the scene area, so the image quality is significantly improved. Especially when capturing moving objects, the camera will take continuous shots, then the algorithm will analyze all the images and choose the ones with the clearest quality, combining them all together to form a beautiful photo.

However, it’s about time we see a major hardware upgrade to the camera on the Z Flip 4, at least adding a camera with a telephoto lens.

Increase battery life and charging speed

Galaxy Z Flip 3 already has impressive specifications in terms of processing power and RAM capacity, what needs to change is the larger battery design and faster charging time. Like asking for a camera upgrade, this can be a difficult one as it has to create more interior space for all the folding and hinged components.

The battery life of the Z Flip 3 is not overwhelming and for some users, it may not even last a full day. Hopefully Samsung can help improve battery life without increasing the size of the battery on the Z Flip 4.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 supports fast charging but only up to 15W with wired charging and 10W with wireless charging, such a speed is quite slow. Samsung really needs to increase the charging speed on the Z Flip 4. If the battery life is short, the Z Flip 4 should make up for that by entering a 30-50% fast charge in just a few minutes.

Design options

A few months after the launch of the Z Flip 3, Samsung announced the Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition, a special version of the Z Flip 3 that users can customize the color of the back of the device. There are a total of 49 color combinations to choose from.

However buying the Bespoke version is not a great idea for $1,000 as it is still quite limited, in fact there are only a handful of colors to choose from from this combination.

It would be better if Samsung could do like Moto Maker – a program that allows users to customize the design including wood and leather back options, all kinds of colors for the metal bar around the phone. .

Huong Dung(According to Android Central)

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