EXCLUSIVE. Sarah Abitbol: “I am criticized for having dirtied skating”

After your revelations, a year ago, in a book and in “The Obs”, sport has exploded. Testimonies have multiplied, the ministry has launched several investigations in different federations. Today, 80 disciplines, and more than half of the federations, would be concerned by reports. Were you surprised by this maelstrom?

Yes ! I was a little overwhelmed at the start. I used to go to the media to promote a show, or talk about our medals. And there, it was necessary to tell, again and again these intimate things, to pronounce this word “rape” that I could not pronounce the day before. It was hard. I did not expect at all to this media tidal wave, nor to cause such an upheaval in sport… This long silence made a lot of noise… and I am delighted now!

INVESTIGATION. Figure skating: the club of sexual predators

You have received a lot of testimonials …

I was overwhelmed on Messenger, not testimonials from sportswomen, but not only. Incest victims, too. They tell me “thanks to you, I want to talk”. They tell me about their lives, with their share of anorexia / bulimia, attempted suicides, panic attacks, anxiety, nightmares… I tried to answer all of them, it took a long time. At first, I put pressure on myself, it was painful, each story brought me back to mine. I didn’t have the strength to skate for a few months. I still get a lot of testimonials

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