Exchange or theft of postal articles can be criminally dealt with

According to Mr. Do Huu Tri, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the theft of other people’s property worth more than 2 million VND will be penalized. The most effective preventive solution is the vigilance of the consignee.

In recent days, the public has been stirring up the story of sending goods of high value, but when receiving back bricks, screws … This is not the first time this phenomenon happened.

For each content exchange case, the culprit could be the shipper himself, or the shipper, or it could be the consignee himself. Without strict procedures as well as vigilance and high sense of responsibility of stakeholders, it will be difficult to identify the exact culprit of the exchange.

Exchange or theft of postal articles can be criminally dealt with

Talking with VietNamNet Newspaper’s reporter about the sanctions for exchanging goods sent via post-delivery services, Mr. Do Huu Tri, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Information and Communications, said: “Clause 5 Article 7 of the Law Postage has clearly defined the prohibited acts, including the acts of appropriating, stealing postal items, and exchanging postal items. And according to Point c, Clause 4, Article 10 of Decree No. 15/2020 / ND-CP providing for administrative sanctions in the fields of post and telecommunications, radio frequency, information technology and electronic transactions, then will sanction administrative violation with the amount of 20 – 30 million dong for the act of appropriating, stealing postal items valued under 2 million dong or canceling illegal items; If the goods are valued at over 2 million VND, they will be subject to criminal penalties ”.

It can be seen that the acts of appropriating and exchanging postal items are subject to the same handling levels in accordance with current law as for property theft.

Discussing solutions to limit the situation of “sending the iPhone but receiving bricks and screws”, Deputy Chief Inspector of the Ministry of Information and Communications emphasized: “When buying online, the buyer must directly receive and unpack the goods. check before the witness of the shipper, regardless of its value, to check that the information about the goods such as label, volume, quality is the correct type of product as advertised by the seller or has be swapped. Recently, there has been a case of receiving an iPhone worth tens of millions of dong and asking someone else to accept it, this is absolutely not recommended. When asking another person to receive the goods, it may happen that the consignee intentionally swapped, it could also be caused by the shipper or the shipper intentionally cheated and then it will be difficult to identify the player. offense.

On the part of the postal and delivery businesses, they also have to strictly control their staff, there should be a labor contract specifying the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the courier.
According to VietNamNet, most of the exchange cases sent via post – delivery services happen in small businesses, specializing in e-commerce delivery, with the specific characteristics that customers always request. send fast, send by express, the number of orders is very large.

During the sale seasons, especially at the end of the year, when the number of orders soars, these businesses often increase the hiring of seasonal workers, without tight commitment on personnel conditions, just delivery. meeting the output and volume norms and norms, so it is very easy to exchange goods and postal articles, affecting the reputation of the enterprise itself.

The latest statistics released by the Ministry of Information and Communications at the end of October 2020 show that the whole country has 521 licensed enterprises, confirmed the announcement of postal activities, an increase of 51 enterprises (up 11%) compared to end of 2019.

Postal and delivery services in the context of the booming e-commerce boom, accompanied by an increase in possible risks in transportation and delivery activities.

Many opinions said that, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the prevention of exchange risks in particular and other violations in the postal and delivery sector, the relevant state management agencies need to strengthen the coordinate, cooperate more. For example, it is possible to set up an interdisciplinary working group of Industry, Trade – Finance – Information and Communication to regularly inspect and handle violations in e-commerce delivery.


'Great way' to combat exchange of goods of major postal enterprises

‘Great way’ to combat exchange of goods of major postal enterprises

Major postal enterprises have deployed many solutions, especially technological solutions, to ensure the safety of postal items and goods, minimizing the risk of goods exchange, causing frustration for people. to send.


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