‘Every citizen must be a digital citizen’

Pham Xuan Thang, Secretary of the Hai Duong Provincial Party Committee, said that Hai Duong uses March 26 every year as the date of digital transformation. .

Aspiration to develop through digital transformation

On March 26, Hai Duong People’s Committee organized a series of events “Digital transformation to realize the development aspiration of Hai Duong province”.

At the event, Hai Duong province launched the province’s Intelligent Monitoring and Operation Center (IOC), launched the Smart Hai Duong application for people and launched the Hai Duong province digital transformation website at https ://, to officially go into operation to serve the leadership, direction and administration of the provincial leaders and bring a new experience of digital transformation services to people and businesses Karma. At the same time, Hai Duong announced the decision to choose March 26 every year as the date of digital transformation of Hai Duong province.

Hai Duong announces March 26 as the annual digital conversion date

Speaking at this event, Mr. Pham Xuan Thang, Secretary of the Hai Duong Provincial Party Committee said that the selection of March 26 as the date of digital transformation of the province, showing the high determination of Hai Duong province and putting on the shoulders of the armed forces. Youth union members and youth throughout the province on the mission of shock, taking the lead in applying digital transformation to learning, working, propagating and mobilizing people to apply digital transformation to life. Digital Transformation Day is a festival for people, businesses and young people to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and access to the latest applications of digital transformation.

“Every citizen must be a digital citizen. Hai Duong identifies people and businesses as the center of this strategy,” emphasized Mr. Thang.

'Every citizen must be a digital citizen'
Hai Duong Youth is the core to mobilize the Digital Transformation application community

The Secretary of the Hai Duong Provincial Party Committee said that from the first convincing steps of the digital transformation application, Hai Duong had learned lessons. The problem here is how to quickly seize the opportunities opened up by digital transformation, take the lead and go faster in the digital transformation journey on all three pillars of building digital government and digital economy. , digital society. Hai Duong has chosen the development path towards green growth and digital transformation; referred to as Green – No.

'Every citizen must be a digital citizen'
Hai Duong’s youth marched to the parade to propagate digital transformation day

Rapid and sustainable development in the direction of green growth and digital transformation is the province’s comprehensive and inclusive development strategy. Achieving that great development aspiration requires not only high determination, great efforts, drastic and effective action, but also strong promotion of innovation and creativity in various fields. Dare to accept giving up old habits, comprehensive change in thinking, perception and mode of action.

'Every citizen must be a digital citizen'
Hai Duong thanks many IT businesses for accompanying over the past 1 year

In particular, digital transformation is not only an opportunity but also a driving force and an effective tool to help Hai Duong achieve its development aspirations. And to reach the aspiration, Hai Duong needs to seize the opportunities well, effectively exploit its own potentials, outstanding strengths, and create a lot of different values.

'Every citizen must be a digital citizen'
Launch of Hai Duong Intelligent Operation and Monitoring Center (IOC)

Digital transformation is not adding a new task

At this event, Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications shared some information about the country’s digital transformation goals, goals and orientation throughout 2022.

'Every citizen must be a digital citizen'

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung visits and gives suggestions for community activities in Hai Duong

Accordingly, the orientation throughout 2022 is to bring the activities of people and businesses to the digital environment through the universal use of Vietnamese digital platforms, helping people and businesses directly enjoy the convenience and as the benefits of digital transformation.

The Deputy Minister said that digital transformation is not about adding a new task or adding a new problem, but digital transformation is adding a new tool, a new development method to help solve tasks and problems. fabricate. For example, online meeting to commune level on personal devices is an additional tool so that we can meet to solve work immediately, reducing time and costs, rather than adding a meeting.

'Every citizen must be a digital citizen'
Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hai Duong province visit the application booths No

According to the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Hai Duong needs to popularize the use of online public services provided by government agencies at all levels to people and businesses. The Ministry of Information and Communications is committed to accompanying Hai Duong in the digital transformation journey, expecting Hai Duong to become an active participant in the nationwide digital transformation network.

“We are used to telling and listening to foreign success stories, other people’s success stories. Today, Hai Duong took the first step to tell her own success story! I hope Hai Duong will soon turn these promising initial steps into a long-term successful journey,” said Mr. Nguyen Huy Dung.

Nguyen Thu Hang

Hai Duong organizes Digital Transformation Day

Hai Duong organizes Digital Transformation Day

March 26 every year is agreed to be Digital Transformation Day in Hai Duong province. This is also the first top locality in the country to have this special day.


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