Even before its return to the theater, the Tuche team is already dreaming of a fifth part

While the adventures of Christmas of the most famous family of Bouzolles come out in ten days, the director Olivier Barroux already has in mind the continuation.

A year that the fans and the stars of the Tuche are impatient. After a series of postponements due to the coronavirus, the fourth part of the adventures of the most famous family of Bouzolles finally arrives in theaters on December 8. But this long lapse of time did not put the creative team to sleep. Far from there. During the promotion of Tuche 4, director Olivier Barroux revealed to BFMTV that he was already working on a fifth feature film.

“We found an idea a month ago” confides Olivier Barroux, “We like it, she’s crazy. We asked everyone if the desire was there, we told this story to the actors, in giving them the pitch, telling them: ‘this is what we want to do’. They did: ‘ok, let’s go’ “. A draft schedule was even discussed:” spring 2023 shoot, release February 2024 “.

Newcomers called Michel Blanc and François Berléand

The sine qua non of course remains that Les Tuche 4 is like its predecessors a box office success. Initiated in 2011 with the first film which brought together a little over 1.5 million curious people, the saga had a second part (4.6 million spectators) then a third film (5.7 million).

Les Tuche tells the story of a modest family who sees their destiny change when they win 100 million euros in the lottery. Conceived as a Christmas comedy, the fourth part brings together the essential Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Claire Nadeau, Théo Fernandez, Sarah Stern and Pierre Lottin. Two great French actors are also taking their first steps in the barred universe of Tuche: Michel Blanc and François Berléand.

After the events of the third part of the saga, Jeff Tuche and his family returned to Bouzolles to take it easy. When the end of year celebrations approach, Cathy asks to reconnect with her sister Maguy as well as her husband Jean-Yves with whom the father has been angry for ten long years. Problem, the controversial subject of Christmas will feed the conflicting flame that consumes the two men. A showdown between Jeff and Jean-Yves, manager of an Internet distribution box, will be born.


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